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Young Horse Development Program

Applications for 2014 participants is August 29, 2014

This program showcases the stock being bred and raised by AQHA Ranching Heritage members.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity for youth to become engaged in the horse industry at a fundamental level that will be fun and educational.

Catch 2012 Young Horse Development participant Renee Pope and her horse Kit on My Days With Kit.

Wagonhound Land and Livestock Company


To give older AQHYA members who want to participate in a hands-on horse training opportunity that will teach the fundamentals of horsemanship. The youth will have the chance to showcase their skills and knowledge acquired at designated events where they can earn scholarships and prizes.

Participating Ranching Heritage members will offer young horses for members to judge, select, purchase, raise and train. The rancher’s goal will be to mentor these young horsemen to teach responsibility and goal-setting, important components of equine ownership.

AQHYA members have the chance to receive a free weanling from several generous AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders. To be eligible to receive a free foal, youth applicants must submit their applications to receive a foal by August 29, 2014.

The second way youth can participate in the Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program is to purchase a Ranching Heritage Challenge-nominated foal from a Ranching Heritage Breeder before September 30, 2014. 

For more information on the Young Horse Development Program, download this Fact Sheet

Eighteen AQHYA members are participating in this exciting program this year. 

  • Emily Scoles - Elbert, Colorado
  • Mikaylyn Henderson - Littleton, Colorado
  • Miranda Raithel - Falls City, Nebraska
  • Collin Webb - Waterloo, Illinois 
  • John Barger - Pawne, Oklahoma 
  • Amanda Metternich - West Bend, Michigan 
  • Hunter Hicks - Afton, Wyoming
  • Andee Marie Geedes - Downey, Idaho
  • Sabrina Hill - Connell, Washington 
  • Calli Kaufman - Olympia, Washington
  • Kaytlyn Scott - Great Falls, Montana 
  • Jordan Ayers - Peoa, Utah
  • Jasper Breitchbach - Dolores, Colorado
  • Madelyne Cope - Nathrop, Colorado
  • Kendra Serrano - Joshua, Texas
  • Holden Hicks - Marysville, California 
  • Zachary Hite - Osceola, Wisconsin
  • Megan D'Andrea - Fowler, Ohio 

Download the Ranching Heritage Youth Enrollment Form and Waiver Form.

AQHYA members who are participating in the program please download the Project Book and submit your Project Book, Ranching Heritage Show Achievement Form and Professional Horsemen Checklist

Any Ranching Heritage Breeders who wish to donate a foal to the program, please submit a Ranch Horse application by August 1, 2014.