Youth in Action: Why Are You AQHA Proud?

AQHYA President Austin Halvorson, plus eight more officers and directors weigh in on why they are #AQHAProud.

By Robin Alden, manager of youth development and AQHYA
The American Quarter Horse Journal
January 21, 2014

2013-2014 AQHYA Officers

AQHYA President Austin Halvorson (center) with AQHYA officers Austin Bond, Mary Claire Cornett, Kalee McCann and Lizzy Koons. Why are you #AQHAProud? Tell us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! BELOW: AQHA employees share why they are AQHA Proud.

American Quarter Horses play a key role in their owners’ lives. I’ve seen it time and again, even before I came to work at AQHA one year ago. I’ve been AQHA Proud for a long time and grateful for the Association that develops new programs and services to help its members spend more time with the breed they love.

In light of the current AQHA Proud campaign, I asked the AQHYA officers and regional directors why they are #AQHAProud. Here are their responses.

President – Austin Halvorson of Guthrie, Oklahoma
I am AQHA Proud because the American Quarter Horse truly is the greatest breed. Its versatility is unmatched, and our Association prides itself on displaying this attribute. I also am AQHA Proud because of the great family aspect the Association provides. It’s truly the best.

Region Six – Brianna Blomgren of Brimfield, Massachusetts
I am AQHA Proud because I see an organization that is proud to continue preserving and promoting the American Quarter Horse breed. Not just that, AQHA is an organization that strongly welcomes, positively influences and encourages youth members to become involved not only in the club, but in their community through community service, giving back and promoting the breed.

Region Two – Ashley Anderson of Firth, Nebraska
I am AQHA Proud because of the people I have been able to meet and the opportunities I've been able to have. I couldn't imagine my life without my American Quarter Horse or AQHA.

Region Two – Codi Uecker of Lewistown, Montana
AQHA has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams, plus travel and meet amazing people from all walks of life. Being involved with AQHA has created lifelong friendships with people I would have otherwise never met. AQHA has also taught me responsibility and leadership. I am AQHA Proud to have represented the AQHA as a regional youth director for the past two years. It has been a blast, and I am looking forward to showing my horse, seeing friends, new and old, and working as a Region Two director!

Region Eight – Phillip Alden of Amarillo
AQHA takes youth from around the nation and allows them to become leaders. Also, it allows you to have friendships that will last a lifetime. That’s why I’m AQHA Proud!

Region Six – Eliza Cardwell of Granby, Connecticut
I am AQHA Proud because of all the wonderful relationships I have developed throughout the industry. Not just with my teammates and other people involved, but also with the amazing horses I have had the opportunity to work with.

Region Five – Mary Huddleston of Farmville, Virginia
I am AQHA Proud because the American Quarter Horse has created the basis for most of my friendships. If it was not for my love for American Quarter Horses, I would never have met lifelong friends.

Region Ten – Elizabeth Ellis of Mount Berry, Georgia
I am AQHA Proud because AQHA allows me to meet people from across the country who share my passion for horses, but more importantly, for the American Quarter Horse.

Region Four – Sammie Johnson of Bridgeport, West Virginia
I am AQHA Proud because it represents the passion I have for the American Quarter Horse. AQHA connects me with people who share that passion, and I have created great friendships through AQHA.

Because opportunities abound for horse-interested kids, the new AQHYA blog, Youth in Action, captures those adventures. Learn more about the endless prospects for young horsemen through AQHYA at www.aqha.com/youth-in-action.