Ambassadors Program

Who are the Ambassadors?

January 24, 2013

Hall of Fame and Museum

American Quarter Horse Foundation

Who are the Ambassadors?
A group of people that volunteer their time enthusiastically spreading the word about the mission and work of the American Quarter Horse Foundation. We welcome AQHA members who wish to support the work of the American Quarter Horse Foundation in their local communities and states to become an Ambassador. The work of the Foundation is most important to the future of our horses and our industry. We need more soldiers in the field involved in shaping our programs and sharing the importance of this work with other equine enthusiasts, thereby ensuring future support.

How can I serve as an Ambassador?
Our Ambassadors are individuals who enthusiastically spread the message of the Foundation where ever they can. They

  • set an example for others by making a gift each year to support the Foundation’s work;
  • bring other individuals into the group who share like interests;
  • perform essential duties as our soldiers in the field that fit with their personalities and lifestyle.

A few examples of volunteer duties:

  • Host or Take Part in an Event that brings about awareness and raises money for the Foundation.
  • This event can be held in conjunction with your local or regional show and can take on many forms such as a horse show class or even an auction that raises awareness and money. 
  • Trade show or stall area display: Many shows have vendor areas with extra space you can set up a spot to showcase the Foundation. Otherwise, there may be a space in front of your stall aisle that you can do the same. The Foundation provides a handy "Booth in a Box" that you can request from us.
  • An event in your home is a more private affair designed to inform and involve others in our cause. 

Meeting presentations:
Next time it’s your turn to provide the program for your riding club, 4-H club or affiliate meeting take the opportunity to tell your fellow members about AQHF. Present our Foundation video and give a short talk about our work.  

Communications and Networking:

  • Maybe your talents can be utilized in writing thank you notes on behalf of AQHF as a meaningful way to show donors how much we appreciate them and their generosity.
  • Connect us with first time meetings or introductions to people you believe have like values and passions and are a good fit to be involved with the Foundation.
  • Connect with friends and other Quarter Horse enthusiasts through Face book, Twitter or other social media.    

Selection Taskforce:
Volunteer to serve on a selection taskforce, which scores applications and participates in the selection for:

  • Scholarships;
  • America’s Horse Cares;
  • Merle Wood Humanitarian Award.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Being part of a vibrant and active “cause community” in support of the best horse in the world;
  • Invitation to Annual Hall of Fame Dedication;
  • Invitation to luncheon at AQHA Annual Convention (please inquire about tickets and reservations);
  • Recognition of service at AQHA Annual Convention;
  • Honor Roll listing on Website, Annual Report and Foundation Quarterly;
  • Commemorative Ambassador nametag upon request;
  • Certificate of appreciation;
  • Foundation Quarterly—newsletter featuring facts to aid in your knowledge of the Foundation’s programs and activities.

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