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AQHA International Marketing Position

AQHA seeks to fill a position in the international marketing department.

This position, located in the marketing department at AQHA in Amarillo, works to develop and implement aggressive marketing and communications strategies and tactics in key international markets. Such strategies must support AQHA’s international objectives and position the American Quarter Horse as the preferred breed on a global basis. This position helps determine and implement highly effective channels to optimize communication across global markets and works closely with affiliates and members across the globe.
The international marketing position collaborates with other departments that affect international growth; identifies and promotes AQHA’s core business services (such as transfers and the value of a transferred horse, registration, panel test and more); and plays a major role in developing strategies for core and new product/service offerings that help educate international markets on AQHA’s services and procedures.

This position makes recommendations that can help streamline services for AQHA international members, including ongoing examination of various rules that impede international growth and make appropriate recommendations regarding various rule changes.

The work includes developing marketing programs for AQHA’s major international events; developing methods to promote American Quarter Horses at existing international events where American Quarter Horses are the dominant breed; working closely with AQHA international affiliates to grow events within their countries and ultimately ownership of American Quarter Horses throughout the world; and working with affiliates to identify barriers to horse ownership and evaluate the competitive landscape to make recommendations on ways AQHA can address such barriers to achieve international growth.

This international marketing position helps coordinate and promote educational camps, clinics and functions in international markets to maximize attendance and AQHA membership. This person also represents AQHA at key international horse fairs and events with a goal of promoting the American Quarter Horse, AQHA services and establishing the American Quarter Horse as the preferred breed on a global basis.

Other duties include identifying outside entities that can assist in AQHA’s growth internationally and building collaborative programs that will lead to international growth and participation of international members. Such entities include but are not limited to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and appropriate subsidiaries; international sales agents; and other livestock groups with similar international growth strategies.

The international marketing position serves as liaison to the AQHA International Committee and will help develop an international council that assists AQHA on international issues.

The ideal candidate has a bachelor’s degree in business, animal science or equivalent experience. International experience is a plus. We’re also looking for the following qualities:

  • Professional and positive approach
  • Self-motivated team player
  • Customer service skills
  • Demonstrated capability for problem solving, decision making, sound judgment and assertiveness
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Diligent and attention to detail
  • Effective collaborator

To apply for this position, submit a resume to jobs@aqha.org.