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AQHA Member Services is your one-stop shop for forms, applications, records, resources and more.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, a friendly AQHA Customer Service representative will be happy to assist you at 806-376-4811 during regular business hours. Or, use our online contact form.

If you’re an AQHA member, you have access to everything at AQHA Member Services at discounted prices. Not a member? Join AQHA today to take immediate advantage of lower prices.


Renew your membership, and watch the benefits roll in!

Take advantage of hundreds of dollars in member discounts and savings! Keep your AQHA membership current, and ensure your participation in AQHA shows, the AQHA Horseback Riding Programs, the AQHA Incentive Fund and much more. Your AQHA membership keeps you connected with more than 300,000 other horse enthusiasts who share your passion for America’s favorite horse.

Plus, $500 in discounts each year from our generous Corporate Partners makes it easier than ever to enjoy your horses.


It’s quick and easy to register your foal. Get him on AQHA’s record books before his 7-month birthday for the lowest price. In just a few minutes, you can complete the online form, submit a photo of your foal and complete your payment. It can take as little as a week to receive your new foal’s registration certificate. Once your foal is registered, he’s eligible to participate in all of AQHA’s exciting programs. Plus, his value increases exponentially!


Get show results, pedigrees and much more within minutes.

Keep track of your competitors, monitor your performance, scope out the accomplishments of a horse for sale and more with AQHA’s records. AQHA offers a wide variety of reports to give you all the information you need, starting at just a couple bucks.

Popular horse records include:

  • Horse Research
  • Show results
  • Show schedule
  • High-point, year end awards
  • Justin Rookie of the Year
  • Race statistics

Stallion Breeding Reports  

In AQHA Member Services, you can organize your records in one easy location. File your stallion breeding reports on time, the easy way, with AQHA’s online stallion breeding reports service.

Keep up with your stallion’s breeding schedule all year long with AQHA’s safe, secure and personalized spreadsheet customized exclusively for each stallion you own. No need to have additional databases for your breeding program. Simply log in and report your data daily, weekly or whatever works best for your schedule. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your report is complete and ready to go by the November 30 deadline each year.

The Status of Your Work

We want it to be easy for you to find out the status of your pending work. Is your paperwork missing a signature? AQHA keeps you informed, from the minute we receive your transaction until the moment you’ve received it. Our secure, personal system even alerts you when you have a balance or a renewal approaching.

AQHA Forms

Find all the forms you need on AQHA's Forms page. Here are a few commonly requested forms:

AQHA Handbook
Duplication affidavit  
Correction affidavit   
Horse Transfer