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Take a look at the stories in the 2014 November Journal:


  • Your First Look at the Journal (Page 4)
  • Let Us Help You -- Inside Look by Becky Newell (Page 6)
  • Mailbox (Page 8)
  • Lice in Horses -- Horse Health by Dr. Thomas R. Lenz (Page 10)
  • King P-234 -- Quarter Paths by Richard Chamberlain (Page 12)
  • Sew Fine -- Up and Over by Pamela Britton-Baer  (Page 16)
  • Pseudopregnancy -- Breeding Shed by Dr. Patrick M. McCue (Page 18)
  • Take a Fast Look with the Journal -- AQHA and Quarter Horse industry news (Page 112)
  • Your Last Look at the Journal (Page 240)


  • AQHA Proud in Alaska (Page 40) -- Ralph Seekins of Fairbanks, Alaska, is the newest member of the AQHA Executive Committee.
  • Hitch Up (Page 48) -- Here's an introduction to the parts of a pleasure-driving rig. Watch the video in our digital edition for some tips for harnessing your horse safely with AQHA Professional Horseman Kevin Dukes.
  • Bad Boys (Page 60) -- Use these expert tips to manage stallion-like behavior in geldings.
  • Legends: Physical Ed (Page 66) -- This gelding communicated strength, athleticism and style. Those traits to him to multiple AQHA world championships in pleasure driving and western pleasure.
  • Borrow a Trainer (Page 72) -- Warm up for horsemanship with these exercises from the University of Kentucky equestrian team and AQHA Professional Horseman Bennie Sargent.
  • Amateur Spotlight: Lisa Murray (Page 80) -- Physically recovering from a horseback riding accident is often the easy part. Actually getting back on the horse without fear is a much slower process. Amateur trail competitor Lisa Murray of Burbank, California, shares her story.
  • Ride These Patterns (Page 86) -- Give these showmanship, trail and horsemanship patterns a whirl with 40 secrets from the pros.
  • Making Cow Horses (Page 92) -- Follow along with 3-year-old prospects on their path to a Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge.
  • Journal Family: International Youth Directors (Page 98) -- Meet Jim Stors of Luxembourg and Kaelan Marshall of Australia. 
  • History 101 (Page 104) -- What is history racing and how will it affect the American Quarter Horse racing industry? Read on to find out.
  • Turning the Wheel (Page 120) -- The Wagon Wheel Ranch of Texas preserves the foundation lines that made the American Quarter Horse. 
  • Snapshots (Page 130) -- Look through your barn pictures from AQHA or alliance events.
  • A Conversation With a 6-Year-Old (Page 138) -- Journal Editor-in-Chief Becky Newell sat down for a conversation with 6-year-old Lindsey Thomas (and her dad) at the 2014 Merial AQHA Region Two Championship. 
  • The Select Numbers (Page 144) -- Take a closer look at the numbers and members who made up the 2014 Adequan Select World Championship Show. 
  • Party Pix (Page 156) -- We've got pictures from several of the receptions at the Adequan Select World.
  • 2014 Adequan Select World Champions and Top-10 Finishers (Page 162)
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