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University of Minnesota
“Genetic Analysis of Muscle Disorders in Quarter Horses”
AQHA has taken a leading role in identifying Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM-1) as a genetic disease quite common in the Quarter Horse. Ongoing research into these disorders has led to the identification of additional such conditions: GBED, MH, PSSM-2, LSM and RER. Continued funding of this work will provide complete genetic understanding of these newer conditions and provide owners and breeders powerful tools to eliminate these diseases from the breed.
Investigator(s): Stephanie Valberg DVM, PhD, James Mickelson PhD and Molly McCue DVM

Texas A&M University
“Rhodococcus equi Foal Pneumonia: Evaluation of Four Screening Methods for Early Detection and Identification of Risk Factors for Differentiating Foals with Sub-Clinical and Pre-Clinical Pneumonia”
Rhodococcus foal pneumonia remains a significant disease problem in all breeding farms. This study will evaluate and compare four diagnostic techniques for identification of disease and in addition evaluate if any methods are more predictive of clinical disease.
Investigator(s): M. Keith Chaffin DVM, Noah Cohen VMD, PhD and Glenn Blodgett DVM

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