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AQHA Handbook

Get easy access to the official AQHA Handbook electronically or in print.

AQHA's "Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations" is updated yearly after undergoing careful scrutiny by AQHA. The Handbook represents corporation bylaws, rules and regulations of registration, rules and regulations of racing, rules and regulations of shows, amateur and youth division rules and regulations, Horseback Riding Program rules, and the constitution of AQHYA.

AQHA's Handbook answers all your questions regarding AQHA rules, showing patterns, horse markings, equipment guidelines and more.

NOTE: The online version of the handbook supersedes all previous editions.

2015 Handbook Options

  • View the Registration Section (PDF)
  • View the Showing Section - Coming Soon
  • View the Racing Section - Coming Soon
  • Access the digital version from your computer - Coming Soon
  • Access from your phone or tablet with the "AQHA Rules" app - App Update Coming Soon (Search for “AQHA Rules” in your mobile store).

2014 Handbook Options

  • View the handbook from your computer with our desktop version.
  • View the handbook on your iPad or iPhone by downloading the free app from the Apple App Store (search for “AQHA Rules” in the store).
  • View the handbook on your Android device by downloading the free app from the Google Play Store (search for "AQHA Rules" in the store).
  • Update your app from last year. If you downloaded the app to your device in 2013, simply run the update to access the 2014 handbook.
  • Request a mailed printed copy of the 2014 Handbook. (If you've participated in an AQHA show within the past year, you will automatically receive a printed copy in the mail.)

Stay tuned for the 2015 Handbook. We will offer a new, searchable digital format for multiple devices, as well as the options to request specific sections of the Handbook in print.

Cloning Rules

Visit the Cloning Rules section for information on court mandated rules; summary of requirements to register a cloned horse; and cloning forms.

Guidelines for Writing Proposed Rule Changes

Rule change proposals are accepted each year prior to AQHA Convention. Download a bylaw and rule change proposal form (PDF). Or, download a Word version of the form and e-mail to rulechanges@aqha.org.

  • Define the problem and develop as many possible solutions as you can by asking others for input.
  • Choose one possible solution that appears to be the most appropriate and that fits the mission and goals of AQHA.
  • Determine if any other rules would be affected if your proposal were to be adopted, and specify the rule numbers.
  • Submit proper wording for a proposed rule change by typing or neatly printing the exact wording being proposed. If you propose changes to existing language, strike through the words you propose to delete. Type in bold and italics the words you propose to add.
Meritorious proposed rule changes submitted with sufficient documentation and specific explanations detailing reasons for the change will be assigned to the respective committee(s) and included on AQHA’s website with an invitation for members to submit comments. Rule changes submitted without sufficient documentation and specific explanations detailing reasons for the change will not be assigned to a committee.