Annette Randall

A native of northern Utah, Annette Randall grew up on the back of a horse, dreaming of being a “real cowboy” and illustrating stories about her equine adventures. This grew into a lifelong love of drawing and painting Quarter Horses and cowboy life in the West.

Her dramatic images in both oil and pencil have inspired collectors and admirers for many years. With both mediums, Annette captures the essence of the subject and tells a story about the horses and cowboys she portrays. She often draws from her youthful experiences with horses and ranching to give her work an honest and authentic edge that evokes a feeling of “that’s just how it is!”

Largely self-taught, Annette is continually pushing to improve her skills and to create art that records and preserves a vanishing way of life for people who love horses. More of her artwork can be seen at

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