Glynnis Miller

Self-taught pencil artist Glynnis Miller began drawing at a young age, winning her first award in 4th grade! Having planned to study art, she found “life” soon got in the way. The pencil was put aside as she married, raised her two children and enjoyed a rewarding nursing career, finally beginning her career as a professional artist after retiring.

Glynnis’ work portrays her lifelong love of horses and the western lifestyle. The ranching community of Elko, Nevada, was Glynnis’ home during her school years; and the influence of Elko’s ranches, cowboys, rodeos and (of course) horses is evident in her artwork.

The pencil, graphite or charcoal, is Glynnis’ medium of choice. Each drawing is meticulously planned and the result of hundreds of hours with the tiny tip of a sharp pencil.

“My goal is to create texture, contrast and form with painstaking layering and shading resulting in a drawing that leaps off the paper and allows the viewer to ‘see’ color. It’s my desire to capture beauty and soul, regardless of the subject matter….” 

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