Iwona Jankowski

As a child, Iwona Jankowski’s first created art depicted horses. Drawing them, she thought she could feel every muscle of the horse, and the feeling remains.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in Gdynia, Poland, Iwona continued her education at the Houston Community College as a Computer Science /Computer Graphics major. Her art passion, education, broad experience and professional career in graphic art helped broaden her art skills and identify and develop her own means of artistic expressions.

Her "Mottled Horses" series merges abstract and expressionism with a touch of realism. The subject is created on a colorful abstract background to express feelings, with special attention to the eyes and focusing on specific moods and composition.

Iwona captures the utmost uniqueness of life. She often pays no attention to exact shapes, textures, or real colors, emphasizing just a small fragment in order to insinuate an idea, concentrating on what she feels and not what she sees or knows about the subject. Also, it helps to effectively use visuals to capture just an indication of a subject, leaving the rest for the viewer’s imagination to create the unique pictures.

Since 2008, Iwona has received many awards and recognitions for her Mottled Horses series.

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