Tim Harmon

Born and raised in Arizona, Tim Harmon has worked as a cowboy on ranches in Arizona and New Mexico all his life.  He began to whittle at age 10 and tried his hand with paint and pencil drawing, but loved working in clay.  He is mostly self-taught except for a couple of workshops taken with John Coleman and Mehl Lawson.

Tim continues to work with horses and cattle on a small ranch by Roosevelt Lake in Arizona, which he uses for his models.  His hope is to keep the dream of the everyday working cowboy in the eyes of the public. 

His work has been exhibited in the Phippen Western Art Show, winning four sculpture awards; Western Artists of America at Pearce Museum, winning the Gold Sculpture Award; Cowboy Artists of America, winning the 2012 Joe Beeler Award; and Artists of the American West, earning the 2013 Artists Choice Award. He has been published in Western Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, Southwestern Art and American Art Collector.

Presently living in Globe, Arizona, (where he was also raised) with his wife Frankie,  Tim is mostly retired except for his sculpting.

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