"Draw Sabers!"

Ninth U.S. Cavalry

In 1898, the 9th Cavalry Regiment, as part of the American forces deployed to Cuba to serve in the Spanish-American war.  The 9th Cavalry Regiment traveled from Fort Robinson, Nebraska to Tampa, Florida and embarked on June 8, 1898, for Baiquiri and Siboney.  One of the first unites to go ashore, it fought as dismounted infantry alongside the Rough Riders of Lieutenant Colonel Roosevelt in battles at Las Quasimas, Santiago, San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill.  The 9th Cavalry Regiment stayed in Cuba for four years following the war, serving as an occupation force.

Stereoscopic photographs were invented in 1838, and used to produce the illusion of depth in a photograph, giving it a three dimensional appearance. 

This stereograph is an example of the fame the Buffalo Soldiers garnered in the late 19th century.  Stereograph circa 1898.

2014.8.6, Courtesy of The Library of Congress