Ninth U.S. Cavalry

Presidio in San Francisco, California

The 9th Cavalry Regiment consisted of three squadrons, each assigned to a different post on the West coast.  The 3rd Squadron, consisting of four troops or companies, were garrisoned at the Presidio of San Francisco. 

During April and May of 1903, the 3rd Squadron was assigned two special missions.  The Squadron was divided, and Troops K and L were dispatched to Wawona, California, at the southern boundary of Yosemite National Park.  Their mission was “to establish a camp with the purpose of protecting the Park from injury and depredations.”

The men of I and M troops remained at the Presidio for one last duty before being dispatched to patrol Sequoia National Park.  Their duty was to serve as special escort to the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, on his West Coast tour of California.  The President visited San Francisco on May 12th through May 14th

Accompanying the President through the streets of San Francisco were Buffalo Soldiers on horseback flanking several carriages of honored guests.  The troops provided not only an escort and security for the distinguished guest, but also served as “Guard of Honor.”  The San Francisco Call lauded Troops I and M as two “crack military organizations that had the honor of forming Roosevelt’s escort.”

This stereograph shows the Buffalo Soldiers and their mounts during an inspection on the Presidio. Stereograph circa 1900.

2014.8.15, Courtesy of The Library of Congress