Private Tom Prowl

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Christmas was a big annual event at Fort Huachuca.  Dances were popular, the enlisted men acted in plays and the post was decorated.  There was a traditional Christmas meal that was so festive an annual program was produced describing the menu.

In 1922, Troop B of the 10th Cavalry feasted on a menu of oyster soup, roast turkey, baked ham, shrimp salad, creamed peas, baked corn, pickled beets, and giblet gravy.  Desserts included mince, pumpkin, and raisin pies, oranges, apples, bananas and candies. 

Competitions were held for tastiest dishes, and the meals concluded with toasts all around.  As was customary and traditional, the officers were to make a modest appearance at dinner and then make rounds of visits to the other officers’ quarters or homes.

This photograph shows a member of the 10th Cavalry, Private Tom Prowl, at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, after feasting with his fellow service men, c. 1922.

2013.33.3, Courtesy of Fort Huachuca Museum