Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Fort Huachuca was the onetime home of every regiment of the original Buffalo Soldiers, starting in 1892, with the arrival of companies from the 24th Infantry.  Troops of the 9th Cavalry joined the 25th Infantry at Fort Huachuca in 1898 and rotated its units in and out of the post until 1900.  A detachment of the 9th would return briefly for a short tour in 1912.  The 10th Cavalry arrived at Fort Huachuca in December 1913 and stayed for eighteen years. 

This proud cavalry unit had served in Arizona before, in the last century, rotating from one post to another in Arizona, New Mexico or Texas, wherever they were needed to track down Apache renegades.  The relentless desert sun was not a stranger to these horsemen who doggedly followed the trail of Pancho Villa into Mexico in 1916.  In Huachuca Canyon they found a home for the next eighteen years, the longest this mobile unit would stay at any one place since its formation in 1866.

This photograph shows the Fort Huachuca Stables, looking south toward the Huachuca Mountains, circa 1910.

2014.8.4, Courtesy of The Library of Congress