Tenth U.S. Cavalry

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

A typical schedule at Fort Huachuca included an hour every morning working in the stables followed by demonstrations, close order drills and calisthenics.  Most afternoons they had demonstrations by the Machine Gun Company.  Inspection was on Saturday, and a special inspection of the stables was on the schedule for Wednesday afternoon.  Two nights of every week the men were required to work in the stables.

For new recruits, basic training was more rigorously controlled and hectic.  The new men took instruction in First Aid, Care of Animals, Drill, Mechanics, Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship, Machine Gun Drill, Military Courtesy, Field Instruction, Correct Packing of Equipment, Chemical Warfare, Care of Weapons, and of course Drill and Physical Training.

This photograph shows 10th Cavalry troopers at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.  Apart from their standard issue rifles and revolvers, cavalrymen trained with and carried sabers, bayonets, and bolo knives for close combat.  Photograph circa 1920.

2013.33.4, Courtesy of Fort Huachuca Museum