6666 Ranch

Raising good ranch horses was always a goal with Samuel “Burk” Burnett, legendary founder of the 6666 Ranch.  He found his calling early and joined his father in the cattle business when he was only 10 years old.

Burk bought his first land near where Wichita Falls, Texas, would later stand.  As the days of the open range ended, he increased his holdings, buying the old 8 Ranch.  That ranch became the nucleus of the 6666 Ranch, and a later purchase added the Dixon Creek division.

Burk’s son, Tom, joined his father in running the ranch and later founded his own ranches – the Triangles, located near Paducah and Iowa Park.  Tom had one daughter, Anne Burnett Tandy, who, upon the death of her father and grandfather, took control of both the 6666 and Triangle ranches.  Anne had one daughter, Anne Windfohr Marion, the current owner of the 6666 ranches. 

To get enough horses, they breed approximately 100 broodmares each year.  Many go back to stallions for which the ranch is famous, such as Joe Hancock and Hollywood Gold, and some even go back to Army Remount horses that were used in the ‘30s and ‘40s.  However, they have all proven their worth.  Quality in horses is important to the ranch.

The 6666 Ranch utilized Remount stallions and bred their daughters to out-cross.  Daughters of both Buggins (TB) and King O’Neill II (TB) were bred to Joe Hancock and other Quarter Horse stallions to produce a strain of outstanding military, ranch and rodeo horses.  Over the years, the 6666 Ranch used the Remount Stallions Besom (TB), Buggins (TB) and King O’Neill II (TB).

Photograph courtesy of The Quarter Horse Journal