Friends of the Museum

The American Quarter Horse Association is very proud to call Amarillo, Texas the home of its international headquarters.    Since its inception, the Association has registered over 5 million American Quarter Horses world –wide, boasts a membership of nearly 300,000 and has built a tribute to the most popular and versatile breed in the world – the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum.

AQHA plays an important role in Amarillo’s economic and tourism development and welcomes community residents and their friends and family to visit the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum to learn more about the American Quarter Horse.  More than 30,000 visitors a year from all parts of the globe visit the museum and we are pleased to provide residents of the panhandle – especially its school age children – their first “touch” with horses.  Having played a significant role in the history of this area, the American Quarter Horse is used as an educational tool for school field trips, family events and exhibits.

We welcome you to share the legendary history of the American Quarter Horse and how he continues to serve as our partner in work, recreation, competition and even therapy by becoming a Friend of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum.

Your membership entitles you to many benefits that engage you in the activities of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum and its community of supporters.   Please review the list of giving levels and choose the one that is right for you.

List of Giving Levels (new)

For more information about our Friends of the Museum program, please call the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum at (806) 376-5181.

Current Supporters

GOLD LEVEL ($5,000)
Robert and Teresa Belfon
Katie Lane O'Neal
Page and Annette Butler


MAXOR National Pharmacy Services Corp/Jerry and Margaret Hodge

Underwood Law Firm


Merck Animal Health/Charles Durbin




Tom Bivins
Julie Bivins
Jenny E. Bivins
Peyton B. Bivins
Paul Smith
Mark and Ellen Bivins
Miles Childers
Happy State Bank
Kade Matthews