Visiting with Children

Joni Hegel Education Gallery

The Joni Hegel Education Gallery houses a variety of interactive exhibits. Take a look at the inner workings of an American Quarter Horse with an X-ray-style exhibit. Decide whether you'd rather be a cowboy or a proper English rider by sitting atop your choice of saddle. In the Experienced Eye Theater, different disciplines of the American Quarter Horse are shown with expert commentary of each event. This section of the museum is a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.

Field Trip Activities 

We believe every child's visit to the Hall of Fame should be an experience to help them understand the role our horse has played in the history and in present day.  Our activities are designed to teach this message with age-appropriate activities that have real value to what is being taught in school.  Our education staff works closely with WoWW consultants and area educators to develop our field trips.

Upon arriving at the museum, students will be greeted in the Grand Hall, we will explain our rules to help them learn general museum behavior, and answer questions about the American Quarter Horse.  Then, we explain to the kids the activity and its relation to what they are learning in the classroom.

Mop Pony Trail Rides

The Mop Pony Trail Ride is a fun activity for field trips of children in Kindergarten through 1st grade to enjoy their visit at the Museum. Each child will be assigned a mop pony, and they will learn how to take care of it and prepare to go on a small trail ride through the Grand Hall.

Westward Expansion with the American Quarter Horse

Students who are in 2nd through 6th grades will use the timeline exhibit to learn more about life on a cattle drive for the American Quarter Horse and the cowboy.  We offer four activities for teachers and request teachers select the two that are the best fit for their students.  More than two activities could be offered if the group size is larger than 30 students.

The children will get to work together as a team like the horse and rider do, to put together an 8' x 8' puzzle.  They can touch artifacts from a chuck wagon, western horse tack, and create their own brand.

The branding activity is also offered to the 7th through 12th grade students.  This age group is given more time to explore the exhibits to help them develop a brand design, that is true to them and can be tied back to the exhibit.  We encourage these students to bring electronic devices to take photos and then present the photos when they share their brand with the group.

Rates and Booking a Visit

Pre-K through high school and home school group rates:

  • Teachers and volunteers: Free
  • All students (all ages): $1.50

*Busing funds are available for schools in the Amarillo Independent School District only provided by .

There are several lesson plans to be taught in the classroom prior to these field trips, and they can be found on our Lesson Plans and Curriculum section of our website.  For more information or to book a field trip to the museum, please contact us by email or call us at (806) 376-5181.