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Membership Reminders

AQHA now offers telephone reminders for membership renewal.

The American Quarter Horse Association
August 21, 2013

American Quarter Horse Association

AQHA does everything it can to make life easier on its members.

The American Quarter Horse Association is working with the agency Graven, Austin & Drake of Colorado Springs, Colorado, to call members to remind them their AQHA membership is about to expire.

When surveyed about their experience, many expired members didn’t realize their membership had expired. While AQHA sends a series of email and postal mail reminders, it seems some efforts are still missed.

An outside service is used to allow AQHA’s internal customer service department to continue answering incoming calls from members with questions and those needing assistance on business paperwork. AQHA does everything it can to make life easier on its members. AQHA does not sell members’ information and would be more than happy to make a note on members’ records if they prefer not to receive a reminder call. 

AQHA apologizes for any frustration and appreciates feedback. 

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