My Days with Kit

Watch how TRR A Stylish Kit is progressing through AQHA’s Young Horse Development Program on this week’s AQHA Video.

The American Quarter Horse Association
July 16, 2013

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This week’s AQHA Video takes a look at the progress of TRR A Stylish Kit through AQHA’s Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program, discusses West Nile Virus and introduces American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductee Bill Brewer.

My Days with Kit – A trip to the veterinarian

It’s time for Kit, also known as TRR A Stylish Kit, to take a trip to the veterinarian for her vaccinations. But first, Kit must get in the trailer. Watch as her young trainer, Renee, who participates in AQHA’s Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program, gets Kit ready for this important appointment. Visit the Ranches Channel.

West Nile Virus, Part 2

Dr. Tom Lenz discusses the signs and symptoms of West Nile virus and some treatment options. However, prevention through vaccinations and mosquito control is the key to protect your horse. Part two of three. Visit the Health Channel, sponsored by Zoetis.

Bill Brewer

For 37 years, AQHA and the American Quarter Horse were Bill Brewer’s passion. Beginning his career in 1971 as a sales representative for The Quarter Horse Journal, and then working in various positions, Brewer was appointed as the Association’s executive vice president in 1992. Under Bill’s leadership, AQHA expanded its business model from being primarily a breed registry to an organization that also worked to offer more opportunities for people to enjoy their horses. Learn more about this dynamic leader and American Quarter Hall of Fame inductee. Visit the Horses & People Channel, sponsored by John Deere.

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