Guy Ray Rutland

Watch this week’s featured videos on AQHA Video highlighting 2013 American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductee Guy Ray Rutland.

The American Quarter Horse Association
June 14, 2013

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This week’s AQHA Video introduces 2013 American Quarter Horse Fall of Fame inductee Guy Ray Rutland, showcases a day in the life of a cowboy in All in a Day’s Ride and discusses proper saddling techniques.

Guy Ray Rutland
For more than 60 years, Guy Ray Rutland and his wife, Mildred, raised American Quarter Horses that performed on the racetrack and in the show arena. This Kansas horseman once worked as short-order cook so he could get enough money to start making a living with horses. His dedication paid off ¬– the Rutlands were leading breeders by wins on the racetrack for nine years. Learn more about this 2013 American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductee’s contribution to the industry. Visit the Horses & People Channel, sponsored by John Deere.

All in a Day’s Ride
From the Texas high plains of the Pitchfork Ranch to mountain country of the JC Ranch in Wyoming, ride along with cowboys as they explain their daily life in this vintage film from 1977 featuring the music of Red Steagall. Visit the Ranches Channel.

Fundamentals of Horsemanship – Saddling Properly
This exercise from AQHA's Fundamentals of Horsemanship demonstrates how to saddle a horse so he doesn’t have a negative attitude toward the procedures. Several safety points are discussed too. Visit the How-To Channel, sponsored by Tractor Supply.

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