“The All-Around”

AQHA’s new talk show, “The All-Around,” hits on the AQHA Proud campaign, shows you fashion for your dog and horse, and offers updates from the 2013 AQHA World Show.

The American Quarter Horse Association
November 21, 2013

The All-Around

“The All-Around” hits on the AQHA Proud campaign, shows you fashion for your dog and horse, and offers updates from the 2013 AQHA World Show.

AQHA’s new web-based talk show, “The All-Around,” is your inside track to all things AQHA. This week’s episode of “The All-Around” explains the ideas behind the AQHA Proud campaign, takes you behind the scenes to the Bank of America Amateur and AQHA Open World Championship Show and also shows you the latest fashion trends from Weatherbeeta for your horse and dog.

Co-Host Landi Campbell, AQHA director of publicity and special events, is joined this week by guest host Lauren Walsh, AQHA senior director of marketing and membership. Later in the show, they catch up with the other co-hosts, who have already made their way to Oklahoma City for the 2013 AQHA World Show.

AQHA Proud
“One of the things we have at AQHA is - how many people can say they have a family of more than 280,000 family members,” Lauren said. “Our members are so proud of their American Quarter Horses and everything they do with them. So, this campaign we are doing right now is really designed to help everyone show their AQHA pride.”

“The All-Around” discusses multiple ways to show you are AQHA Proud.
• Sporting the new “I AM AQHA PROUD” bumper stickers sold at Quarter Horse Outfitters
• Wearing AQHA-logoed merchandise sold at Quarter Horse Outfitters
• Keeping your membership current
• Registering your foals
• Transferring your horses
• Donating to the American Quarter Horse Foundation
• Subscribing to The American Quarter Horse Journal
• Using #AQHAProud in all of your social media outlets

“One of the main components of this campaign is our 280,000 members being able to let their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know that they are AQHA Proud and letting that be a part of their social media life, with all of their friends online,” Lauren said. “If we get all of our members using the #AQHAProud hashtag, it’s going to be really awesome, not just in the equine world but in social media in general.”

On the Road with Sarah
Co-host Sarah Davisson, AQHA manager of publicity and special events, has taken “The All-Around” behind the scenes during the duration of the 2013 World Show. To see what she has been up to at the show, be sure to check out “The All-Around” on the road. Sarah joins us at the heart of the show at the Gateway of Champions in State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. All of the exhibitors enter the arena through the Gateway of Champions, and their dedication, time and hard work truly show when they enter the arena. AQHA will be crowning 98 world champions at the show.

What’s Hot
Lauren’s dog, Henry, joins the show to model his new winter outfit for “The All-Around – What’s Hot” segment.

Henry, a Boston Terrier, models the brand-new AQHA Weatherbeeta blanket. There is a dog and horse version of this blanket. This blanket was actually chosen by more than 750,000 Facebook fans who picked the colors and style. This blanket is sold exclusively at Quarter Horse Outfitters, and a portion of all proceeds goes to the American Quarter Horse Foundation.

The next episode of “The All-Around” will bring you more highlights from the 40th edition of the AQHA World Championship Show.

About “The All-Around”
The show features a diverse mix of co-hosts and guest hosts, from those who just entered the equine industry to those who have been involved for years. The show is co-hosted by AQHA Director of Publicity and Special Events Landi Campbell, AQHA Manager of Publicity and Special Events Sarah Davisson and AQHA Manager of Multi-Media Paul Carter.

“The All-Around” co-hosts discuss current issues and news items, ranging from showing, racing and recreational riding to “What’s Hot” in the equine industry. AQHA’s “The All-Around” will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at AQHA’s premier events; a chance to submit your questions and have them answered on the show; and much more!

The program airs on AQHA’s YouTube channel, AQHA Video. Be sure to subscribe to watch the first episode and to be the first to know when a new episode is posted.

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