Affiliate Achievement Awards

The 2014 AQHA Affiliate Achievement Award winners are announced.

The American Quarter Horse Association
March 20, 2014

American Quarter Horse Association

AQHA has awarded three divisions of the AQHA Affiliate Achievement Award.

The American Quarter Horse Association affiliate network is the vehicle for promoting the American Quarter Horse at the grassroots level. To ensure the growth of our industry, resources need to be directed toward innovative projects and ideas that encourage new people to become involved with horse activities. The AQHA Affiliate Achievement Award recognizes affiliates for these innovations.

The award winners are chosen based on how well the affiliate’s ideas fit into AQHA’s goals. The goals include

  • Creating opportunities for horse owners,
  • Bringing new people into the industry,
  • Encouraging increased memberships,
  • Promoting registrations or transfers of ownership,
  • Protecting the integrity and/or welfare of the breed and,
  • Enhancing youth development

AQHA affiliates were divided into three divisions, which were based on the 2013 registered American Quarter Horse population, so affiliates were competing against other affiliates of similar size.

“First, I want to thank all AQHA affiliates for what they do on a day-in-and-day-out basis to help keep the American Quarter Horse the world’s most popular breed of horse,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “Most AQHA affiliates operate through a volunteer system, and their efforts do not go unrecognized – in fact they are very much appreciated.

“I also want to congratulate the three affiliates on their achievement awards. It was exciting to see some of the innovative ideas, and I know the Affiliate Advisory Board had their work cut out for them,” Treadway continued. “Thanks to all the affiliates who submitted ideas – even for those who did not receive one of the three awards, I hope they can find way to bring their ideas to life.”

The Division I recipient of the Affiliate Achievement Award is the Nebraska Quarter Horse Association. NQHA plans to execute a cooperative program with the University of Nebraska Extension Service to introduce AQHA’s riding and Trail Challenge program to Nebraska’s 4-H horse community. The proposed program will bring new people into the industry and allow them to develop the concept of building equine relationships, which in turn will encourage increased memberships in AQHA, AQHYA and NQHA.

The Division II award recipient is the Washington State Quarter Horse Association. WSQHA proposes to partner with local area rescue and rehabilitation groups across the state to put together a “day camp” for young people involved with local area Boy and Girl Scout troops. The goal of the proposal is to provide a bridge to the young people and their parents from the 4-H level to the breed or affiliate Quarter Horse shows in Washington. The two-day camps will offer WSQHA an opportunity to provide information about the WSQHA and AQHA.

The Division III recipient is the Connecticut Quarter Horse Association. CQHA proposes a multi-dimensional outreach and incentive program through the development of a team and a student intern. CQHA’s proposed plan addresses bringing new people to the industry, creating opportunities for horse owners, encouraging increased memberships  and protecting the welfare of the breed all through rewards and incentives, leadership events and school outreach.

AQHA wishes to recognize these affiliate associations for their innovative plans and ideas while promoting the American Quarter Horse and ensuring the growth and future of our industry.

To view a list of AQHA’s state, provincial and international affiliates, visit www.aqha.com/affiliates.

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