Digital Apps FAQ

Use our frequently asked questions for help with the AQHA Publications free apps.

What are The American Quarter Horse Journal and America’s Horse apps?

AQHA Publications is excited to release a new way to read your favorite magazines. If you are a current American Quarter Horse Journal print subscriber, all you have to do is download the free app, log in and then read each month on your smartphone or tablet device. You can also purchase a new subscription in the app.

If you are an AQHA member, you can use your member ID and PIN to access America's Horse magazine via the free America's Horse app.

Where can I access the digital versions of America’s Horse and The American Quarter Horse Journal?

Visit the app store for your smartphone or tablet device (Apple app store, Google Play store). Perform a search for the magazine’s name, then download the free app.

You can also access the digital version of each magazine via your computer. Head to www.aqha.com/magazines, then select the appropriate publication’s digital archive.

Are the apps free?

Yes. The apps are free, but you must be a subscriber to read The American Quarter Horse Journal or a current AQHA member to read America’s Horse. You may subscribe to the Journal via the app stores. To receive America’s Horse, you can join AQHA through the website or by calling customer service at 806-376-4811.

Are the apps available for all tablets and smartphones?

The apps are available for iOS and Android devices. Due to the nature of our publications, it may be easier for you to read the digital issue via your tablet than on a smartphone.

Support for Amazon Kindle devices is coming soon.

Do the digital issues expire?

No. Archived issues of your magazine do not expire. If storage is an issue, you can delete issues and download again any time.

You can access archives via the magazine apps.

You can also access magazine archives via the PC version at www.aqha.com/magazines. On this page, select the appropriate publication’s digital archive.

Can I share the digital issues with friends?

You can share small excerpts of our digital magazines with your friends, but each reader needs to log in with his/her own unique credentials.

How will I know when a new digital issue is available?

Your device will alert you when a new issue is available.

Can I purchase single issues of the magazines?

Single issues of The American Quarter Horse Journal are available for purchase within the app. Single issues are not available for America’s Horse.

My PIN is not working.

Make sure you have entered your PIN correctly. If you have problems, call AQHA Customer Service at 806-376-4811.

Can I access the app from both my smartphone and my tablet?


My app is downloading slow. What can I do to speed up the process?

Some of our publications have a high page count and therefore are larger in file size. Use a strong wi-fi connection and close other web-enabled apps on your device to speed up your downloads.

I can’t hear sound on the videos embedded in my digital magazine.
Check your device to make sure it isn’t on mute.

America’s Horse

I am an AQHA member. Can I get the digital issues of America’s Horse as part of my membership?

Absolutely. After you’ve downloaded the America’s Horse app to your device, simply log in with your AQHA member ID and PIN. If you need assistance with your PIN, call AQHA Customer Service at 806-376-4811.

I am an international resident. Will I still receive a print America’s Horse magazine?

As of January 2014, international members will no longer receive print versions of America’s Horse magazine. We encourage our international members to access their magazine either through the PC version at www.aqha.com/americashorse or via the iOS or Android app. If you want to continue receiving the print publication, you can pay a yearly shipping fee of $15 by contacting AQHA Circulation at 806-376-4811.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Can I purchase a digital-only subscription to The American Quarter Horse Journal?

Yes. Within the app, click the “Subscribe” link to be guided through the subscription process. A digital subscription to The American Quarter Horse Journal is $24.99.

What if I want to receive the print publication along with the digital?

To receive both the print and digital editions of The American Quarter Horse Journal, you must purchase the Journal through our online form at www.aqha.com/journal. We will provide you with a Journal ID and Pin to access the Journal app, and you will begin to receive your print edition of the Journal in 4-6 weeks.

What’s the difference between the Web-based archive and digital editions of the magazines?

The Journal’s digital editions are full versions of the magazine optimized for reading on a device, and include bonus content such as audio and videos. The archive is an exact replica of the Journal and does not include any bonus material. Print-and-digital subscribers can access the archive at no extra charge. Archive issues can be read via a browser on desktop computers, laptops or tablets.

Is there a separate subscription cost if you just want the digital edition of the Journal and not the print?

No. The subscription cost is the same.

Will the app automatically renew my Journal subscription each year?

If you purchased your digital subscription in the iTunes store, your subscription will renew automatically each year.

If you’d like to cancel auto-renewal, open the settings app on your iPad and select “iTunes and App Store.” Tap on your apple ID and select “View Apple ID.” Once your account information appears, scroll down to “Manage App Subscriptions.” Here, you can turn your subscriptions on and off. If you purchased your digital subscription outside of the iTunes store, terms and conditions will vary.  

AQHA Publications Digital Library

The free AQHA Publications apps are available in the iTunes and Android stores.

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