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2006 Stakes Winners

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Date      Race              Track                  Winner              Purse     
30  Cypress Sophomore Handicap      Los Alamitos  Spike It And Fly  $27,800 
30  The Championship at Sunland Park (G1)      Sunland Park  Gotta Get  $400,000 
30 Shue Fly Stakes (RG1)  Sunland Park  Mister WW  $311,231 
29  Holiday Handicap  Los Alamitos  Jess Sass Me  $28,200 
23  Lou Wooten Handicap (RG1)  Sunland Park  EJ Heart Talker  $125,000 
23  AQRA Turf Paradise Futurity (G3)  Turf Paradise  Not A Full Moon      $79,420 
17  Far West Futurity (R)  Portland Meadows      Chick N Dales Dancer      $35,300 
17  Whataway To Go Handicap  Los Alamitos  Corona Crystal  $18,000 
17  Challenger Six Handicap (RG1)  Sunland Park  On Star Cowboy  $125,000 
16  Paul B. Ford Memorial Handicap  Los Alamitos  Furious Dasher  $27,350 
16  Jess Burner Memorial Handicap (RG1)  Sunland Park  Gotta Get  $125,000 
14  Mexican Champions Clasico  Hipodromo de las Americas      Agurrido Dash  $33,636 
10  Marathon Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Snowbound Superstar      $54,100 
10  Southern California Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Spike It And Fly  $192,050 
10  Zia Park Championship  Zia Park  Desirio  $200,000 
Louisiana Champions Day Classic (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Toastin Dash  $100,000 
Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Oh So Daunting  $100,000 
Louisiana Champions Day Derby (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Angelas Toast  $100,000 
Champion of Champions (G1)  Los Alamitos  Wave Carver  $600,000 
Los Alamitos Two-Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Blue Girl Too  $2,000,000 
Los Alamitos Million Juvenile Invitational (R)  Los Alamitos  El Arizona Kid  $35,000 
Mexican Juvenile Championship  Hipodromo de las Americas  Native Jeweler DH  $40,000 
Southwest Juvenile Championship  Zia Park  Remember Me Rose  $300,000 
Corona Cartel Stakes  Turf Paradise  A Faster Streaker  $15,000 
Texas Classic Futurity (G1)  Lone Star Park  Valiant Hero  $1,027,564 
Texas Classic Derby (G1)  Lone Star Park  PYC Paint Your Wagon  $318,593 
Burnett Handicap  Lone Star Park  Dashin Prince Henry  $20,000 
New Mexico Filly & Mare Championship (R)  Zia Park  Dash Ta Moon  $86,000 
Joe B. Turner Memorial Stakes   Lone Star Park  Happy Streaker  $15,000 
Hipodromo de las Americas Stakes  Lone Star Park  Jet Black Rebel  $15,000 



Date      Race                  Track              Winner              Purse     
26  Black Gold Casino Stakes      Zia Park  Lismore (TB)  $87,000 
25  Louisiana Derby (R)  Evangeline Downs     Angelas Toast  $87,500 
25  Louisiana QHBA Futurity (RG1)      Evangeline Downs  First Down Toro  $517,964 
25  Lone Star Park Distance Championship      Lone Star Park  Heza Marquette Maker      $20,000 
24  Classic Chevrolet Heartbeat of America Handicap (RG3)      Lone Star Park  Quick Kisses  $30,000 
23  Mexican Breeders' Futurity (RG3)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Tequilero Streakin  $103,262
19  AQRA Futurity (RG3)  Turf Paradise  Motorin  $41,490 
19  Portland Meadows Fall Derby   Portland Meadows  Devilish Diva  $15,300 
18  Z. Wayne Griffin Director's Stakes (G3)  Los Alamitos  Apollitical Time  $20,000 
18  Evangeline Downs Dash (first div.)  Evangeline Downs  Toastin Dash  $21,900 
18  Evangeline Downs Dash (second div.)  Evangeline Downs  Rebs Royal Dasher  $22,000 
18  Black Gold Futurity Championship (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Dylans Dandy  $68,514 
18  Black Gold Derby (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Heza Chico  $29,035 
12  New Mexico Classic Derby (R)  Zia Park  Stormys Miracle  $161,334 
12  New Mexico Classic Futurity (R)  Zia Park  Blazin Perfection  $334,892 
12  New Mexico Classic Cup Championship (R)  Zia Park  Gotta Get  $211,000 
12  New Mexico Classic Cup 870 Championship (R)  Zia Park  On Star Cowboy  $168,200 
12  AQRA Tufr Paradise Derby  Turf Paradise  Shake The Moon Baby  $29,307 
11 Corona Chick Handicap  Los Alamitos  Frankie Shoots  $32,800 
11  Evangeline Downs Derby  Evangeline Downs  Streakin Amber  $119,150 
11  Grand Coteau Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Eves Dash  $26,600 
11  MBNA America Challenge Championship (G1)  Lone Star Park  This Snow Is Cold  $301,500 
11  John Deere Distaff Challenge Championship (G1)  Lone Star Park  Eye Caughtcha Peekin      $100,000 
11  Bayer Legend Derby Challenge Championship (G1)      Lone Star Park  Magical Thunder  $200,000 
11  Red Cell Distance Challenge Championship (G1) Lone Star Park  Strider Man  $100,000 
11  Ford Juvenile Challenge Championship (G2)  Lone Star Park  Remember Me Rose  $150,000 
11  AQHRJ Stakes  Lone Star Park  This Snow Is Blazing  $25,000 
11  Soonner Trailer Stakes  Lone Star Park  Make A Secret  $25,000 
11  Farnam Stakes  Lone Star Park  Hez Habit Forming  $25,000 
11  AQHA Members Plus Stakes  Lone Star Park  Shake Em Fever  $25,000 
11  Los Alamitos Stakes  Lone Star Park  First To Ramble  $25,000 
10  Gridiron Gallop Handicap  Lone Star Park  Eyes Moving Easy  $15,000 
10  JEH Stallion Station Handicap  Lone Star Park  Natural Task  $20,000 
Oregon-Bred Juvenile Stakes (R)  Portland Meadows  EZ Speedy Leader  $21,500 
Golden State Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Jess You And I  $1,223,800 
Indiana Breed Development Stakes (R)  Hoosier Park  Fly The Concorde  $26,500 
Indiana Breed Development Juvenile Stakes (R)  Hoosier Park  Garden Girl  $26,500 
Grand Prairie Classic Stakes  Lone Star Park  Heza Marquette Maker  $15,000 
Lovington Stakes  Zia Park  Boknaai  $66,700 
Kansas Jackpot Derby (RG3)  The Woodlands  A Royal Return  $37,738 
Kansas Jackpot Futurity (RG2)  The Woodlands  Ledum  $110,980 
The Woodlands Championship  The Woodlands  None As Easy  $22,500 
Los Alamitos Super Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Wave Carver  $700,000 


Date      Race                  Track              Winner          Purse     
29  Apprehend Handicap     Los Alamitos  Trickish Fire  $18,000 
28  Las Damas Handicap (G2)      Los Alamitos  Blazin Fire  $54,650 
28  Evangline Downs Derby  Evangeline Downs      Allyouneedislove      $63,650 
28  AQHRA Aged Stakes  Whoop Up Downs  Snowy Flyer  $17,874 
28  Dash For Cash Futurity (G1)      Lone Star Park  Dont Let Down  $426,375 
28  Dash For Cash Derby (G1)  Lone Star Park  Ima Ramblin Girl      $193,300 
28  Dash For Cash Juvenile Stakes (R)  Lone Star Park  Valiant Hero  $47,375 
27  First Down Dash Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Gold Medal Jess  $33,250 
27  Opelousas Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Sin Tacha Perry  $21,400 
26  Mexican Breeders' Derby (RG3)  Hipodromo de las Americas      SF Simple Shake  $42,062 
22  Pat Hyland Memorial Handicap  Los Alamitos  Snowbound Superstar  $32,250 
22  Ah Sigh Handicap  Los Alamitos  Makinmoves Buzz  $18,000 
22  J'NL Breeders' Classic  Blue Ribbon Downs  Air Tight Annie  $86,647 
22  Ford West/Southwest Challenge (G3)      Turf Paradise  Bench Mark Dove  $36,540 
22  MBNA America West/Southwest Challenge (G2)  Turf Paradise  Budj  $84,780 
21  All American Congress Derby  Beulah Park  Jess Because  $24,917 
21  All American Congress Futurity (G3)  Beulah Park  Dials Struttin  $46,540 
21  All American Congress Maturity  Beulah Park  Kid La Jolla  $17,713 
21  Herman Jefferson Stakes  Zia Park  Roto Rooster  $66,700 
21  Real Wind Handicap  Zia Park  Eye Am Forever  $42,500 
21  Four Sixes Handicap  Lone Star Park  WRS Special Shoe  $20,000 
21  Horseman's Derby  Whoop Up Downs  Mezoomin  $18,914 
15  Alberta Bred Futurity  Whoop Up Downs  Its All About Speed  $61,660 
15  Hobbs America Derby  Zia Park  Kelowna Kash  $119,758 
15  Hobbs America Futurity  Zia Park  Run Perry Run  $236,672 
14  Los Alamitos Invitational Championship (G1)      Los Alamitos  Apollitical Time  $200,000 
14  Sunset Stakes  Evangeline Downs  MCM Penny Game  $21,100 
14  Pony Express Stakes  The Woodlands  None As Easy  $22,500 
14  Hoosier Park Classic  Hoosier Park  MC Special Mystery  $27,350 
14  QHRAI Derby (G3)  Hoosier Park  Hez Flyin With Class  $27,500 
14  Governors Stakes  Hoosier Park  Penelope Cruzin  $27,250 
13  Autumn Handicap  Los Alamitos  Rey Tarasco  $27,250 
13  Rheudasil Handicap  Lone Star Park  Sizzling  $20,000 
12  Mexican QHA Yearling Sale Futurity (RG3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Totally Done Back  $242,272 
The Down Side Stakes (R)  Zia Park  Gotta Get  $43,800 
Alex Picov Memorial Championship  Ajax Downs  Go Smashing Baby  $31,787 
PCQHRA Breeders' Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Tac It Like A Man  $450,000 
LQHBA Sale Futurity (RG1)  Evangeline Downs  Oh So Daunting  $305,078 
Refrigerator Handicap  Lone Star Park Country Chicks Man      $100,000 
Red River Handicap  Lone Star Park  Cashin Sam  $17,500 
Lubbock Stakes  Zia Park  Striking Bully  $69,000 
Kansas Derby (G3)  The Woodlands  Realistically  $47,132 
Kansas Futurity (G2)  The Woodlands  Okie Dokey Annie  $106,908 
PCQHRA Breeders' Derby (G2)  Los Alamitos  Ah Commotion  $149,000 
B.F. Phillips, Jr. Handicap (RG3)  Lone Star Park  Gray Invasion  $30,000 
Alex Picov Memorial Futurity  Ajax Downs  Vital Drive  $41,957 
Black Gold 350 Futurity (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Dylans Dandy  $22,500 


Date      Race                  Track              Winner                  Purse     
30  Billy Montgomery Stakes (R)      Evangeline Downs      Toast Butter  $38,000 
30  Jayhawk Stakes (R)  The Woodlands  Ice Dreams  $15,000 
30  Bayer Legend Oklahoma Derby Challenge (G3)      Blue Ribbon Downs  Work Work Work  $47,160 
30  Ford Oklahoma Juvenile Challenge (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Fly For Zak  $50,040 
25 Kama Shootin Stakes (R)  Zia Park  Jake Can Dash  $45,800 
24  Pomona Championship Stakes  Fairplex Park  Just A Lane Change      $20,350 
24  New Mexico State Fair Breeders' Derby (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair      Chicks Are Streakin  $47,700 
23  James Isaac Hobbs Stakes  Zia Park  Planet Holland  $60,000 
23  Oil Capital Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows A Classic For Cash  $23,160 
23  John Deere Canada Distaff Challenge  Whoop Up Downs  Proud Lil Lady  $19,167 
23  Pomona Juvenile Championship  Fairplex Park  Chantell Corona $16,600 
23  Don Cravins Stakes (R)  Evangeline Downs  BBs First Beduino  $37,100 
23  O.B. Cockerell Handicap  New Mexico State Fair  A Long Goodbye  $30,000 
23  New Mexico State Fair Senorita Futurity (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair  Lady La Dash  $68,161 
23  New Mexico State Fair Senor Futurity (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair  Chicks Gray Blurr  $62,416 
22  Mildred N. Vessels Memorial Handicap (G1)      Los Alamitos  Apollitical Time  $247,500 
17  Mexican QHA Yearling Sale Derby (RG2)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Beduina Agerrida  $65,548 
17  Budweiser Mt. Pleasant Meadows Futurity (G3)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Hayden Quinn  $50,000 
17  Whoop Up Classic  Whoop Up Downs  Southern Jonah  $12,511 
16  Go Man Go Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Be A Bono  $110,200 
16  Canada Cup Derby (RG3)  Whoop Up Downs  Run Hawk Run   $33,716 
16  Canada Cup Futurity (RG3)  Whoop Up Downs  Its All About Speed  $91,617 
16  QHRAI Stallion Service Auction Derby (R)  Hoosier Park  A Holy Effort  $25,660 
16  QHRAI Stallion Service Auction Futurity (RG3)  Hoosier Park  Im Leadin Yawl  $56,679 
11  New Mexico Breeders' Championship (RG3)  New Mexico State Fair  Run Mr  $30,000 
10  MBNA America Mexico Challenge (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Dashin Prince Henry  $51,740 
10  Pomona Express  Fairplex Park  What A Performance  $15,950 
10  Buttons and Bows Handicap  New Mexico State Fair  Striking Bully  $30,000 
10  Oklahoma Bred Futurity  Blue Ribbon Downs  Kisses Anywhere  $111,075 
Valley Junction Futurity (G2)  Prairie Meadows  A Silver Goblin  $174,850 
Two Rivers Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Magical Thunder  $28,500 
Sam Houston Derby (G2)  Sam Houston  Fly Corona Cat  $122,000 
Iowa Stallion Derby  Prairie Meadows  Habenero Peppy  $24,030 
Oklahoma Bred Derby  Blue Ribbon Downs  Shakem Easy Dash  $41,010 
TQHA Distance Derby  Sam Houston  Guilty Of Zoom  $16,000 
Altoona Derby (G3)  Prairie Meadows  JA Fast Lady  $60,800 
Covered Bridges Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Expect A Prince  $25,563 
Iowa Stallion Futurity  Prairie Meadows  Jonah Corona  $31,407 
Corona Kool Handicap  Los Alamitos  Perrys Spittin Image  $18,000 
Sam Houston Futurity (G1)  Sam Houston  Snowy Alibi  $316,000 
TQHA Oaks  Sam Houston  Toole N Round  $17,000 
Intermountain Futurity  Elko County Fair  Little Man Rocks  $40,700 
Elko County Fair Derby  Elko County Fair  BX Saxton  $28,100 
Miss Blackhawk Stakes  Prairie Meadows  None As Easy  $24,416 
North Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  North Dakota Horse Park  Mr Hawkin  $29,200 
Dan Dimert Maturity (R)  North Dakota Horse Park  Reckless Chick  $15,200 
All American Juvenile Invitational Stakes (R)  Ruidoso Downs  Hiclass La Jolla  $150,000 
Labor Day Express Stakes  Ruidoso Downs  Special Task Force  $40,000 
All American Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  No Secrets Here  $1,900,000 
John Deere Mexico Challenge   Hipodromo de las Americas  She Dashing  $14,500 
Utah Sires Fall Futurity (R)  Elko County Fair  Blaze Of Fame  $28,700 
Bob Moorehouse Memorial Stakes (R) Canterbury Park First Smart Muggins  $17,250 
North Dakota Horse Park Futurity   North Dakota Horse Park  Fas Money Girl  $15,000 
Yavapai Downs Futurity (G3)  Yavapai Downs  Dog Daze Afternoon   $51,917 
Four Corners Futurity (G3)  SunRay Park  Jess The Queen  $75,095 
All American Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Arealstraitheart  $406,299 
Gridiron Special Stakes  Prairie Meadows  TRs Dashin Rona  $23,940 
Golden State Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Startlet Hawk  $228,950 
Governor's Cup Mararthon Stakes (G3)   Sam Houston  Friends Rare Form  $43,000 
Animas Stakes (G3)  SunRay Park  Poker Feature  $33,000 
Curtis/Kieckhefer Memorial Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Open For Sure  $15,000 
All American Gold Cup (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  This Snow Is Gone  $40,000 
2 Brigand Handicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Tricky Dust $40,000
2 Mile High Derby (G2) Arapahoe Park Perrys Queen Bug $72,120
2 Mile High Futurity (G2) Arapahoe Park Play Fast $127,314
1 Ford California Juvenile Challenge (G3) Los Alamitos Caughtmezoomin $37,080
1 Sam Houston Classic (G2) Sam Houston La Jollaroid $61,000


Date       Race              Track                  Winner                  Purse     
31  Mean Competitor Stakes      Canterbury Park      Icy Tobin (TB)  $24,650 
27  All Canadian Derby  Ajax Downs  One Kool Bud  $26,949 
27  Windy City Dash Stakes (G3)      Arlington Park  MC Special Mystery      $25,000 
27  New Mexico Quarter Horse Handicap (RG2)      SunRay Park  Gotta Get  $62,000 
27  New Mexico Horsemen's Association Handicap (RG2)      SunRay Park  Shez Classy Now  $60,600 
27  North Dakota Bred Derby (R)  North Dakota Horse Park      Mr Classic Dash  $23,165 
27  North Dakota Horse Park Futurity  North Dakota Horse Park  Streak Awesome  $15,000 
27  Gillespie County Fair Futurity (G3)  Gillespie County Fair  Sixaflying  $81,400 
27  Cross Country Classic Stakes  Northlands Park  Tough Mix  $13,969 
26  MBNA America California Challenge (G2)  Los Alamitos  Apollitical Time  $72,000 
26  Future of Iowa Stakes (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Nanas Nite Mare  $43,500 
26  Polk County Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Eye Dru Mi Pistol  $58,400 
26  Jim Bader Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Okey I Am  $80,400 
26  Terrace Hill Stakes (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Cruzin To Victory  $43,600 
26  Dixie Stallion Futurity (RG3)  Sam Houston  Eyes On The Form  $115,519 
26  Gillespie Co. Fair Assn. Texas-Bred Stakes (R)  Gillespie County Fair  Deck Of Sixes  $15,000 
25  Cash Rate Handicap  Los Alamitos  Adriannas Dasher  $18,000 
25  John Deere California Distaff Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Blazin Fire  $23,040 
24  Great Lakes Stakes  Canterbury Park  Runaway Gold  $30,800 
20  All Canadian Futurity   Ajax Downs  Sundance Satin  $25,775 
20  Yavapai Downs Derby (G3)  Yavapai Downs  Miss Sonora Feature  $36,907 
20  New Mexico Breeders' Handicap (RG3)  SunRay Park  Bullys Runaway  $61,400 
20  AQHRA Aged Series Championship Sprint Stakes  Northlands Park  Sizzlin Red Corona $13,776 
20  Prairie Gold Futurity (R)  Northlands Park  Zillas Spin Doctor  $40,018 
20  Prairie Gold Derby (R)  Northlands Park  Zillas Secret  $27,220 
20  Michigan Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Whos Your Man  $15,280 
20  GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Futurity (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Jetsetting Moma  $18,961 
20  GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Derby (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Cnisbeleavin In Nash  $10,000 
20  Minnesota Futurity (R)  Canterbury Park  Sociabull  $24,150 
20  Minnesota Derby (R)  Canterbury Park  Trevors Easy Tipper  $22,750 
20  Mexico Futurity  Hipodromo de las Americas      First One Again  $22,727 
20  Jack Clifford Stakes  San Mateo Co. Fair  Cash On Corona  $15,760 
19 Louisiana-Bred Stakes (aged stallions & geldings) (R) Louisiana Downs  Toastin Dash  $100,000 
19  Louisiana-Bred Stakes (2-year-olds) (R)  Louisiana Downs  Toast To My Mom  $100,000 
19  Louisiana-Bred Stakes (aged mares) (R)  Louisiana Downs  Dashing Pana  $100,000 
19  Louisiana-Bred Stakes (3-year-old fillies) (R)  Louisiana Downs  Andelay Baby Andelay      $100,000 
19  Louisiana-Bred Stakes (3-year-old colts and geldings) (R)      Louisiana Downs  Get It Reb  $100,000 
19  Scott Lewis Handicap  Los Alamitos  Arriba Corona  $18,000 
19  New Mexico Breeders' Futurity (RG3)  SunRay Park  Chicks Gray Blurr  $136,165 
19  TQHA Sires' Cup Stakes (R)  Sam Houston  Winners Award  $15,200 
18  Harrisburg Handicap  Sam Houston  Streakin LT  $15,250 
13  Red Cell West/Southwest Distance Challenge   Wyoming Downs  Cashin Sam  $20,160 
13  Bonnett/Broden Futurity  Evergreen Park  Zillas Spin Doctor  $19,945 
13  Oneida County Fair Futurity  Oneida Co. Fair  Hodge Money Crunch  $23,625 
13  SunRay Park Marathon Handicap  SunRay Park  Runnin Roscoe  $32,100 
13  Diamond Classic Futurity  Wyoming Downs  Proudest Bandolero  $36,745 
13  Bayer Legend Mexico Challenge  Hipodromo de las Americas  JA Really Nine  $29,060 
13  Northern Lights Futurity (R)  North Dakota Horse Park  Hansum Ransum  $24,207 
12  Bosen All Breed Futurity  Oneida Co. Fair  Hyde The Money (PT)  $40,000 
12  MBNA America Canada Challenge (G3)  Evergreen Park  Snowy Flyer  $46,980 
12  MBNA America Central Challenge (G2)  Prairie Meadows  Valdasher  $70,920 
12  Bayer Legend Central Derby Challenge (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Magical Thunder  $46,440 
12  John Deere New Mexico Distaff Challenge (G3)  SunRay Park  Ms Klee  $36,900 
12  TQHA Sires' Cup Derby (RG3)  Sam Houston  Rebs Royal Dasher  $63,880 
12  John Hoak Capitol Racing Futurity  Les Bois Park  Sold On Special  $60,275 
12  Black Gold 330 Futurity (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Fly For Zak  $22,500 
11  Boise Derby  Les Bois Park  Ought To Be Wild  $23,725 
11  Ford Central Juvenile Challenge  Prairie Meadows  First Class Smarty  $56,970 
11  Red Cell Central Distance Challenge  Prairie Meadows  GHF Kool Kotton  $24,570
11 John Deere Central Distaff Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Threadbare Gypsysoul $30,061
6 All Canadian Classic Ajax Downs Go Smashing Baby $18,435
6 Ford Canada Juvenile Challenge Evergreen Park Hes A Standout $26,382
6 Ford New Mexico Juvenile Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Sassys Tuffy
6 Idaho Cup Futurity (R) Les Bois Park LDS Little Redcorvet $53,190
5 Idaho Cup Derby (R) Les Bois Park Fast Red Leggs $22,770
5 Idaho Cup Maturity (R) Les Bois Park Bedazoom $16,841
3 Cash Caravan Stakes (R) Canterbury Park Trevors Easy Tipper $22,100


Date      Race                  Track                  Winner                  Purse     
30  Sign Of Lanty Handicap      Los Alamitos  Snowbound Superstar      $18,000 
30  NCQHRA Futurity (R)  Canterbury Park  Wheely Fast  $35,400 
30  Alberta Bred Derby (RG3)      Evergreen Park  Zillas Secret  $36,458 
30  Zia Futurity (RG1)  Ruidoso Downs  Gun Battle  $356,410 
30  Zia Derby (RG2)  Ruidoso Downs  Eddie Stinson  $113,307 
30  Zia 870 Championship Stakes (RG3)      Ruidoso Downs  Bull Rope  $55,000 
30  Zia Juvenile Stakes (R)  Ruidoso Downs  Power Connection  $20,000 
30  Zia Handicap (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  Gotta Get  $55,000 
30  Rocky Mountain Championship Stakes      Arapahoe Park  Timinator Baynes  $15,000 
30  John Deere West/Southwest Distaff Challenge      Arapahoe Park  Sizzling  $24,570 
30  Bayer Legend West/Southwest Derby Challenge (G3)      Arapahoe Park  Canosa  $40,770 
30  Rocky Mountain Futurity (G3)  Arapahoe Park  Off Fishing  $97,840 
29  Jens L. List Jr. Memorial California Breeders' Stakes (R)      Los Alamitos  Fishers Tale  $26,550 
29  Governor's Cup Futurity (RG1)  Los Alamitos  DH - Tac It Like A Man
DH - Checknbac 
29  Spencer Childers California Breeders' Championship (RG1)      Los Alamitos  Be A Bono  $153,755 
29  Governor's Cup Derby (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Wave Carver  $158,760 
29  California Breeders' Matron Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Apollitical Time  $53,750 
29  Newport Beach Handicap (R)  Los Alamitos  Strength In Numbers  $18,000 
29  California Breeders' Sophomore 550 Stakes (R)  Los Alamitos  Cash At The Line $27,750 
29  California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R) (second div.)  Los Alamitos  Catalina Fantasy  $25,900 
29  California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R) (first div.)  Los Alamitos  Flysix  $25,900 
29  TQHA Sale Futurity (RG1)  Sam Houston  Snowy Alibi  $343,305 
29  Arizona Stallion Owners' Association Futurity (R)  Yavapai Downs  Heza Quick Scooter  $43,415 
29  Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Futurity  (RG1) Fair Meadows at Tulsa      Hiclass La Jolla  $436,000 
29  Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Derby (RG2)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Identify Theft  $132,000 
28  TQHA Classic Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston  Flor De Lirio  $45,250 
28  Barnmaster Spring Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston  Shake Em Fever  $45,250 
28  TQHA 550 Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston  DH - Fast Rythum
DH - Cash On Black 
28  Chicado V Handicap  Los Alamitos  Texas Trio  $18,000 
23  La Plata Handicap (G3)  SunRay Park  A Long Goodbye  $32,500 
23  Rainbow Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Big Time Hero $269.817 
23  Rainbow Overnight Stakes  Ruidoso Downs  Separate Bet  $20,000 
23  Mt. Pleasant Meadows Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Patriots Red Neck  $16,560 
22  Cherokee Nation Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Im Eyerene  $27,775 
22  870 Special Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Shawns Quick Dash  $22,000 
22  Blane Schvaneveldt Cowboy Classic Futurity  Wyoming Downs  In Between Dreams  $52,350 
22  Rainbow Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Strawkins  $269,817 
21  Dashing Folly Handicap  Los Alamitos  Makinmoves Buzz   $18,000 
20  Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Derby (R)  Canterbury Park  Trevors Easy Tipper  $17,400 
16  Garanones Futurity (RG3)  Hipodromo de las Americas      SF Finita Dash  $149,553 
16  TQHA Futurity (R)  Gillespie County Fair  Movin Sixes  $17,200 
16  GLQHA Michigan-Bred Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Snaps Shot  $24,492 
16  Solano Derby  Solano County Fair  Cocktailisfortheroad  $10,640 
16  Silver Dollar Futurity (RG3)  Wyoming Downs  Move With Ease  $79,040 
15  Iowa Double Gold Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Easy Sailin Kisses  $57,260 
15  Iowa Double Gold Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Aletas Last Gol  $85,140 
15  Fair Meadows Juvenile Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Overhaulin  $28,025 
15  Wyoming All-Breeds Derby (R)  Wyoming Downs  Brothers Effort  $21,068 
15  Wyoming All-Breeds Futurity (R)  Wyoming Downs  Czech N Out Ashley  $39,463 
15  Rio Rico Futurity (G3)  Gillespie County Fair  Gol MCA  $61,350 
14  IQHRA Sale Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows  Ledum  $51,866 
14  Keokuk Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Bullions N Garters  $24,420 
14  TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (RG2)  Sam Houston  First Smart Winner  $111,640 
14  Miss Houston Stakes (R)  Sam Houston  Makeala  $15,000 
14 Red Cell Northwest Distance Challenge  Les Bois Park  Strawflyin Moosebuds  $19,440 
13  Minnesota QHRA Stakes  Canterbury Park  Callies Corona  $30,800 
Mexican Derby  Hipodromo de las Americas  DM Fire It Up  $19,000 
Mt. Pleasant Meadows Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Hayden Quinn  $15,440 
Don Boyd Memorial Challenge Handicap  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Rockin Dale  $24,000 
Lee Burwick Louisiana-Bred Futurity (RG1)  Delta Downs  Dynomax  $392,400 
Louisiana Classic Stakes (RG2)  Delta Downs  Mr Mallard  $100,000 
Vinton Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Angelas Toast  $50,000 
Flashy Hemp Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Cool Eleanor  $50,000 
Live Oak Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  War Chants  $50,000 
Louisiana Juvenile Stakes (R)  Detla Downs  Kittys Fast Dash  $50,000 
Vandy's Flash Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos Soul Of Silence  $31,950 
MBNA America Texas Challenge (G1)   Sam Houston  This Snow Is Cold  $115,650 
Bayer Legend Texas Derby Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston  Sheza Dashing Disco  $69,030 
John Deere Texas Distaff Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston  Eye Caughtcha Peekin  $26,010 
Red Cell Texas Distance Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston  My Prince Of Strides  $24,705 
Walter Merrick Memorial Stakes (R)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Roto Rooster  $32,575 
Rocky Heinzig Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Sassys Miss Okie  $27,375 
Canterbury Park Derby (G3)  Canterbury Park  Fly To The Wire  $35,000 
Fair Meadows Maturity  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Valdasher  $27,775 
Kansas-Bred Derby (R)  Eureka Downs  Im Capt Morgan  $15,477 
Kansas-Bred Futurity (R)  Eureka Downs  Dash Of Toll  $43,529 
Grants Pass Firecracker Futurity  Grants Pass Downs  EZ Speedy Leader  $39,500 
Master Salls Handicap (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Tricky Dust  $40,000 
Maple Leaf Futurity  Ajax Downs  Sundance Satin  $19,236 
Miss Polly Classic Stakes (G3)  Delta Downs  Conner Can  $50,000 
Virgil Bond Stakes  Delta Downs  Natural Task  $25,000 
2 Firecracker Futurity (G2)  Delta Downs  My First Passion  $266,350
Firecracker Derby (G2)  Delta Downs  St Pats First  $111,150 
Northlands Futurity (G3)  Canterbury Park  First Class Smarty  $63,675 
Independence Day Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Commander Corona  $32,550 
MBNA America Northwest Challenge (G2)  Les Bois Park  LDS Dash For Dylan  $73,080 
Ford Northwest Juvenile Challenge (G3)  Les Bois Park  Go Girl Gone  $47,880 
Golden Driller Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Mr Chivato To You  $27,150 
Higheasterjet Handicap (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Planet Holland  $40,000 
Lucille Rowe Derby (RG3)  Arapahoe Park  Timinator Baynes  $53,725 
Cherry Creek Futurity (RG3)  Arapahoe Park  In The Crease  $87,360 


Date      Race                  Track                  Winner                  Purse     
30  Bayer Legend Northwest Derby Challenge (G3)      Les Bois Park  Fast Red Leggs  $51,120 
25  Garanones Derby (R)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Cajun Darling  $31,091 
25  Maple Leaf Derby  Ajax Downs  RD Dash  $23,700 
25  Prescott Valley Laddie/Lassie Futurity (G3)  Yavapai Downs  Theslatesclean  $52,850 
25  GLQHA Michigan Bred Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Babys Rabbitt  $17,154 
25  Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Futurtiy  Canterbury Park  Prime Time Rosie  $15,000 
25  Bayer Legend Canada Challenge  Whoop Up Downs  Run Hawk Run  $28,756 
25  Bayer Legend California Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Furyofthewind  $46,350 
24  Jaguar Rocket Stakes  Indiana Downs  Im Leadin Yawl  $24,700 
24  All Canadian Open Futurity  Whoop Up Downs  RD Dashing Miracle      $28,177 
24  Desert Classic Derby  Yavapai Downs  Looselips Sink Ships  $29,735 
24  Ed Burke Memorial Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  FDD Dynasty  $1,102,000 
23  Vessels Maturity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Be A Bono  $137,700 
18  Jodys Glory Classic Stakes  Hipodromo de las Americas  His Eye Flashed  $20,000 
18  Mark T Bars Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Chase This Corona  $15,000 
18  Mr Jess Perry Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Toastin Dash  $40,000 
18  Bayer Legend New Mexico Derby Challenge (G3)      Ruidoso Downs  Strawkins  $49,320 
18  Ruidoso Sale Futurity (RG2)  Ruidoso Downs  Gonna Ro Sham Bo  $204,588 
18 Retama Park Juvenile Invitational (R)  Retama Park  Ace Back To Zoom  $26,930 
18  Retama Park Futurity (G1)  Retama Park  Zoomin For Bux  $242,370 
17  Retama Park Derby  Retama Park  Jesstified  $119,700 
17  Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame Stakes (G3)  Retama Park  GHF Kool Kotton  $25,000 
17  Utah Classic Futurity (R)  Laurel Brown Racetrack  Move With Ease  $48,744 
11  Kisses To Yawl Stakes (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Boasting Buds  $33,636 
11  Delta Downs Derby (RG1)  Delta Downs  Angelas Toast  $148,750 
11  Develop A Plan Stakes  Delta Downs  Phoebes Otoole  $15,000 
11  Ruidoso Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  DH - Okey Dokey Fantasy    
DH - Saint Shackleton 
11  Ruidoso Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Winninginthebuff  $163,335 
11  Dash For Speed Stakes  Arapahoe Park  Let It Snowman  $16,200 
10 RMTC Classic Stakes  Whoop Up Downs  Snowy Flyer  $12,662 
10  Oklahoma Horseman's Association Derby (RG3)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Eye Betta Kim  $90,500 
10  Oklahoma Horseman's Association Futurity (RG2)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Doc Maxwell  $130,500 
10  Belles Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Crazy About Corona  $27,800 
10  North Central QHRA Derby (R)  Canterbury Park  A Royal Return  $19,250 
10  San Marcos Handicap  Retama Park  Natural Task  $15,000 
Heritage Place Juvenile (R)  Remington Park  Hiclass La Jolla  $25,000 
Tailor Fit Stakes  Remington Park  Mr Chivato To You  $39,350 
Savannah Jr Stakes  Remington Park  Identity Theft  $32,400 
Remington Park Invitational Championship  Remington Park  SLM Snowman  $150,000 
Heritage Place Derby (G1)  Remington Park  PYC Paint Your Wagon  $167,777 
Heritage Place Futurity (G1)  Remington Park  First Carolina  $677,365 
Earl Clark Memorial Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Run In The Red  $16,560 
Big Badger Bar Stakes  Remington Park  First To Ramble  $35,340 
Junos Request Stakes  Remington Park  Eye Caughtcha Peekin  $35,850 
Laico Bird Stakes  Remington Park  My Girl Jessie  $35,000 
Prankster CF Overnight Handicap  Los Alamitos  Olympic Moment (TB)  $15,000 
Monterey Overnight Handicap   Los Alamitos  Makinmoves Buzz  $15,000 
Santa Rosa Handicap  Retama Park  Party Hound  $15,000 
Easy Jet Stakes  Remington Park  Too Tough To Catch  $50,000 


Date      Race                      Track                      Winner                      Purse     
29  Fine Loom Handicap (G3)      Ruidoso Downs  Curlys Fortune  $40,000 
29  Aberdeen Derby  Brown County Fair  Shake It Anywhere  $15,000 
29  Aberdeen South Dakota-Bred Futurity (R)      Brown County Fair  Hansum Ransum  $16,040 
29  Bitterroot Futurity (RG2)  Les Bois Park  DH - Little Brain Wave    
DH - Teenster 
29  Kansas Jackpot Prep Futurity (R)  Eureka Downs  Primero Vacquero  $28,040 
28  Canterbury Park Express Stakes  Canterbury Park  Callies Corona  $30,625 
28  Robert Heubeck Memorial Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Fifty Party Night  $15,000 
28  Aberdeen Futurity   Brown County Fair  Streak Awesome  $15,000 
28  La Mariposa Handicap (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque      Streakin Nanny  $40,000 
27  Town Policy Handicap  Los Alamitos  Adriannas Dasher  $27,250 
27  Colors of the Wind Handicap  Retama Park  Streak Foe Me  $15,000 
27  All Canadian Derby of Alberta  Whoop Up Downs  Silver La Jolla  $15,681 (U.S.) 
27  Indiana Downs Classic Stakes  Indiana Downs  Heza Fast Kid  $20,700 
27  Blue River Derby (R)  Indiana Downs  Dashing Delivery  $22,800 
27  Delta 550 Championship Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Fed Ex Together  $35,000 
27  Aberdeen South Dakota-Bred Derby (R)  Brown County Fair  Mr Special Braker  $15,000 
26  Gold Rush Derby (G3)  Los Alamitos  Snowbound Superstar  $62,900 
26  Bitterroot Derby (R)  Les Bois Park  Chivatos Secret  $22,650 
21  MBNA America East Challenge (G2)  Delta Downs  First Comment  $83,610 
21  Ford East Juvenile Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Streakin Cartel $53,460
21  Red Cell East Distance Challenge  Delta Downs  Seminole Injun  $25,740 
21  John Deere East Distaff Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Ms Pilot Point  $24,120 
21  Bayer Legend East Derby Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Centerist  $56,520 
21  Bucking Horse Futurity  Miles City  BXT Time Travelurr  $21,125 
20  Kindergarten Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Vachetta  $325,900 
20  Live Oak Handicap (R)  Retama Park  OK Jodys Dasher  $17,500 
20  Alabama Stallion Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Strike By Yawl  $15,000 
14  MBNA America Oklahoma Challenge (G1)      Remington Park  This Snow Is Cold  $102,510 
14  John Deere Oklahoma Distaff Challenge (G3)  Remington Park  On The Map  $45,000 
14  Mexican QHA Classic (RG3)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Native Cartel  $19,000 
14  Red Cell Oklahoma Distance Challenge (G3)  Remington Park  Plain Eye Opening  $48,240 
14  Mother's Day Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Athena Raquel  $35,000 
14  Albuquerque Spring Futurity (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Earth Angel Baby  $53,500 
13  The Lineage Championship (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Gotta Get  $40,890 
13  John Augustine Stakes (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Shez Classy Now  $37,600 
13  Hard Twist Stakes (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Chicks Are Streakin  $44,180 
13  Pelican Stakes (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Miss Lucky Lucky  $44,180 
13  Ford Texas Juvenile Challenge (G2)  Retama Park  Bridled Lightnin  $70,470 
Ford Mexico Challenge  Hipodromo de las Americas  Remember Me Rose  $38,080 
Ft. Pierre Open Derby  Ft. Pierre  Fas Money Girl  $15,800 
Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Derby (R)  Ft. Pierre  Call The Account  $15,000 
Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  Ft. Pierre  Dash Of Hot Colours  $17,600 
Ft. Pirre Open Futurity   Ft. Pierre  Streak Awesome  $17,600 
John Deere Northwest Distaff Challenge  Sun Downs  Kipas Fit  $21,240 
Sooner State Stakes (RG1)  Remington Park  Country Chicks Man  $106,000 
King William Handicap  Retama Park  Shesastreakinlady  $15,000 
Sudden Impact Handicap  Remington Park  Conner Can  $21,700 


Date      Race                      Track                      Winner                  Purse     
30  Remington Park Futurity (G1)      Remington Park  First Prize Robin      $568,591 
30  Gem County Fair Futurity  Gem County Fair  Egos Classic Knud  $16,959 
30  Quicksilver Stakes  Remington Park  Sting Scorpion Sting  $25,000 
30  SLM Big Daddy Stakes  Remington Park  SLM Snowman  $50,000 
30  Remington Park Derby (G2)  Remington Park  Real Visions  $228,350 
30  Louisiana Bred Laddie Futurity (RG2)      Delta Downs  Lights Out Lidge  $213,100 
30  Louisiana Bred Lassie Futurity (RG2)  Delta Downs  Logans Game  $213,100 
30  Portland Meadows Futurity  Portland Meadows  EZ Speedy Leader  $28,550 
29  Alabama Futurity (RG3)  Delta Downs  Tysup  $77,165 
29  Alabama Derby (RG3)  Delta Downs  Striking Black Gold  $37,300 
29  Ben E. Keith Stakes (R)  Retama Park  Dolce La Jolla  $15,000 
29  Black Gold 300 Futurity (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Smokin Slipper  $22,500 
28  Stampede Park Classic Stakes  Stampede Park  KR Montana Shake Em      $15,849 (U.S.) 
28  Belmont Shores Handicap  Los Alamitos  Boyhood  $15,000 
23  Bob Moore Memorial Stakes (G3)  Remington Park  You Betcha Can  $35,340 
23  Garret's Miss Pawhuska Stakes  Remington Park  Bullions N Garters  $35,850 
23  John Alleman Memorial Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  JJ Diamond Jess  $35,000 
23  Louisiana Purchase Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Angelas Toast  $50,000 
23  Pot O'Gold Futurity (G3)  Sun Downs  Go Go Getter  $25,000 
23  Manor Downs Invitational Stakes (R)  Manor Downs  Ms Streakin Special  $32,690 
23  Manor Downs Futurity (G1)  Manor Downs  Okey Dokey Fantasy  $336,520 
23  Special Hank Handicap (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque      Bang (TB)  $40,000 
22  Garden Grove Handicap  Los Alamitos  Adriannas Dasher  $15,000 
22  Manor Downs Derby (G2)  Manor Downs  Identity Theft  $140,960 
22  Manor Downs Maturity (G3)  Manor Downs  Party Hound  $44,430 
21  Desert Classic Futurity (RG3)  Turf Paradise  Bud Takes Over  $86,593 
21  Cypress Handicap  Los Alamitos  Strength In Numbers  $15,000 
16  Easily A Possum Derby   Hipodromo de las Americas      Native Cartel  $34,364 
16  Delta Dash Stakes  Delta Downs  Jack Zee Quick  $15,000 
16  Frances Carr Distaff Stakes  Manor Downs  Streak Foe  Me  $40,000 
16  New Mexican Spring Futurity (RG1)  Sunland Park  Famous Lane $293,745 
15  La Primera del Ano Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Kaniska  $160,300 
15  TQHA Stakes (R)  Manor Downs  Shake Em Fever  $17,500 
15  New Mexican Spring Fling Stakes (RG3)      Sunland Park  Hedge Fund $75,550
14  El Primo del Ano Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Volcom  $129,400 
14  AQRA President's Spring Futurity (G3)  Turf Paradise  Theslatesclean  $40,660 
14  Blink of an Eye Stakes  Remington Park  You Betcha Can  $21,800 
13  Pauls Valley Stakes  Remington Park  Roto Rooster  $35,850 
The Prize Classic  Hipodromo de las Americas  Privateer North  $26,364 
Leo Stakes  Remington Park  Country Chicks Man  $101,700 
Top Deck Handicap  Downs at Albuquerque  Hersey Moon Bar  $40,000 
West Texas Futurity (G1)  Sunland Park  Jess Destined  $230,855 
West Texas Juvenile (RG3)  Sunland Park  Winning Intent  $50,600 
Getaway Handicap  Sunland Park  La Especial Corona  $50,000 
Kaweah Bar Handicap  Los Alamitos  Aladim Bryan SA  $27,100 
7 Miss Princess Handicap Los Alamitos Sassy Corona $37,250
2 Oklahoma Futurity (G3) Remington Park Painted First $200,000
2 Lazy E Futurity (RG2) Remington Park Queen Of Anywhere $93,390
2 Oklahoma Derby (G3) Remington Park Eye M Windy $76,075
2 Lazy E Derby (RG2) Remington Park Going To The Hague $84,887
2 Manuel Lujan Stakes Downs at Albuquerque Makin Willies $40,000
2 MBNA America New Mexico Challenge (G1)     Sunland Park A Long Goodbye $111,150
1 Newport Beach Handicap Los Alamitos Easy Swinger (TB) $27,150
1 Decketta Handicap Remington Park Bullions N Garters $36,600
1 Manor Downs Handicap III Manor Downs JW Silver $17,300


Date      Race                      Track                      Winner                      Purse     
31  Ocean Runaway Handicap      Los Alamitos  Casique Corona  $18,000 
26  Sunland New Mexico-Bred Invitational Handicap (R)      Sunland Park  Dash Ta Moon  $42,800 
26  Remington Park Distance Handicap  Remington Park  Run And Pray  $35,000 
26  Manor Downs Handicap II  Manor Downs  Meteoric  $18,200 
26  Portland Meadows Derby  Portland Meadows  La Kangura  $21,300 
25  West Texas Derby (G2)  Sunland Park  Ms Klee  $123,105 
19  Eastex Handicap (G3)  Remington Park  Country Chicks Man  $51,600 
19  Red Cell New Mexico Distance Challenge (G2)  Sunland Park  Sherrys Aria  $58,680 
19  Longhorn Derby (G2)  Manor Downs  Jesstified  $114,180 
18  Dillingham Handicap  Los Alamitos  Adriannas Dasher  $27,550 
18  Mardi Gras Derby (RG3)  Evangeline Downs  Agents Of Copper  $57,283 
18  Mardi Gras Futurity (RG2)  Evangeline Downs  This Glas Toasted  $147,572 
18 Longhorn Juvenile Invitational (R)  Manor Downs  Ace Back To Zoom  $26,960 
18  Longhorn Futurity (G2)  Manor Downs  Okey Dokey Fantasy  $265,680 
18  Blue Ribbon Derby (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  GB Bar Buddy  $56,275 
18  Blue Ribbon Futurity (G2)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Cartel Success  $234,002 
17  La Pacifica Handicap  Los Alamitos  Perrys Spittin Image  $27,250 
12 Chirina Glorys Handicap  Hipodromo de las Americas      Tacubaya  $29,000 
Laguna Hills Handicap  Los Alamitos  Shy Anns Trust  $18,000 
Mesilla Valley Speed Handicap (RG1)  Sunland Park  Duke Of Houston  $100,000 
Manor Downs Handicap I  Manor Downs  Valors Gold  $18,100 


Date      Race                      Track                  Winner                      Purse     
25  Los Alamitos Winter Championship (G1)      Los Alamitos  Gold Medal Jess  $204,350 
25  West Texas Maturity (G2)  Sunland Park  A Long Goodbye  $61,551 
24  Los Alamitos Winter Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Startlet Hawk  $210,550 
19  Velocidad Classic  Hipodromo de las Americas      Rare Samako  $27,000 
18  Fullerton Stakes  Los Alamitos  Sassy Corona  $18,000 
17  Marina Del Rey Handicap  Los Alamitos  Gottobes Cat  $18,000 
12  Rillito Park Challenge Shootout  Rillito Park  Lawful  $11,600 
12  New Mexico Horse Breeders' Association Stakes (RG2)      Sunland Park  Blazin Nights  $125,000 
Mexican National Championship  Hipodromo de las Americas  Native Cartel  $20,909 


Date      Race                      Track                  Winner                      Purse     
28  Moonshiner Handicap (G3)      Los Alamitos  Shy Anns Trust  $21,700 
22  West Texas Marathon Stakes (G3)      Sunland Park  Takin On The Coup  $63,756 
21  Super Bowl Handicap  Los Alamitos  Furious Dasher  $21,500 
20  Inaugural Classic (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Chickout My Beaucoup      $25,000 
15  KHEY/Y96 Handicap (G3)  Sunland Park  A Long Goodbye  $50,000 
14 Bellflower Handicap Los Alamitos Aladim Bryan SA $18,000
13 Anaheim Handicap Los Alamitos Deeheiress $18,000
7 Charger Bar Handicap (G1)      Los Alamitos Texas Chatterbox $110,550