April Industry Figures

Racing figures are up for the year but dip in April.

May 21, 2012

Racing action photo

While American Quarter Horse racing figures are up in 2012, compared to 2011, monthly figures fell in April.

The year-to-date figures show gains in almost all major categories, including a .7 percent increase in races, a 2.2 percent gain in purses, and a 1.2 percent gain in added money. Figures for the month of April fell about 20 percent from last year for number of races, and purses fell 14.4 percent. Added money was down 16.1 percent, and handle was down 18.5 percent.

These numbers reflect races processed in the AQHA database by May 4.

April Quarter Horse Racing Statistics

April QH races: 579
April QH purses: $9,851,206
April added money: $7,809,028
April pari-mutuel handle: $25,230,771