Chicks Beduino Breedings Available

Limited breedings offered at JEH Equine Reproduction Specialists.

Press Release
March 5, 2013


JEH Equine Reproduction Specialists (JEHERS), through an agreement with John Bobinreath, will offer five Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) breedings to the No. 5 All-Time Leading Sire of Money Earners, Chick Beduino. Total cost of the Chicks Beduino breeding and ICSI procedure is $11,000.

American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame member Chicks Beduino, an own son of the legendary Thoroughbred sire Beduino, is the sire of 287 stakes winners with earnings of $35,413,134 and average earnings per starter of $20,685.  Among his get are world champion Whosleavingwho ($1,334,832), champions Separatist ($889,044), County Chicks Man ($736,793), Corona Chick ($591,326) and This Snow Is Royal ($554,748).

He is currently the No. 3 Leading Broodmare Sire of Money Earners this year and has been a leading yearling sale sire in the past. 

ICSI is a procedure JEHERS'  veterinarians use, in a state-of-the-art ICSI lab near Whitesboro, Texas, to fertilize mature oocytes outside of the mare's uterus. The fertilized egg is incubated in a controlled environment for approximately seven to twelve days then transferred non-surgically into the recipient mare. The recipient mare then carries the foal to term.

The ICSI laboratory at JEHERS is one of the most advanced ICSI laboratories in the country and is situated in a “clean room” on the premises. The laboratory is designed to ensure quality and safety of harvested equine oocytes (eggs) and allows assisted reproductive techniques to be performed in a way that will minimize risks of toxic fumes or contamination from compromising the delicate oocytes and sperm cells.

To book a mare to Chicks Beduino or for additional information and more-in-depth details on the $11,000 fee contact Andrew Gardiner, JEHERS General Manager, at (903) 564-1630.