Hialeah Medication Policy

Medication policy for 2012-13 meet at Hialeah.

August 14, 2012

Hialeah Park

The leadership at Hialeah Park and the Florida QHRA are pleased to announce Florida’s “just say no to drugs policy.”

Hialeah Park and FQHRA always put the safety and welfare of the horse and rider first. Along with this mission of providing the utmost in safety and welfare for the horses and their riders, Hialeah and FQHRA Inc. will be enforcing a strict medication policy. Medications that will be in a battery of test taken from the winner and at least one random horse in each race include but are not limited to zilpaterol, ractopamine, and dermorphin. The penalties for any trace amount of these unauthorized substances will be at least as severe as the class one penalties described in the ARCI Rules of racing.

Medications such as clenbuterol will be tested down to AT LEAST 1-2 pcg/ml. Any trace of any form of clenbuterol will be considered a positive. This testing level will require a MINIMUM of a 30 day withdrawal period if the drug lab is testing to 1-2 pcg/ml of blood. However with the state of Florida calling for 0 tolerance for clenbuterol and the fact that they may elect to test below the 1-2 pcg/ml of blood, the withdrawal period may need to be longer. Use clenbuterol at your own risk. To be safe for zero tolerance, 45 days may be the safest withdrawal period. Any other medications that are not on the approved medications list should be considered to have zero tolerance.

It is important that all owners and trainers go to www.arci.com and read the  "Equine Veterinary Practices, Health and Medication" information under the Model Rules of Racing.

"It is critical for us to keep racing clean for the horses; the owners, breeders and trainers; and the betting public," said FQHRA in a statement. "Over the last year, horse racing has been under the microscope. Efforts have been initiated in Washington, D.C., to regulate the industry. The choice is clear, either we very strictly regulate ourselves or the government will take over the job. Therefore FQHRA and Hialeah Park along with the State of Florida DBPR/DPW and the Florida drug testing lab have developed extremely strict testing levels and is prepared to levy the most severe penalties possible to any trainer or owner. Please go to www.arci.com for an initial summary of these levels and penalties. The final authority on the medication rules and penalties will be the Hialeah house rules. You can find those rules in the 2012/2012 Hialeah Park condition book when it is printed.

"Hialeah Park and FQHRA Inc. know that the very large majority of racing owners and trainers do not use unapproved medications and they keep the welfare of their horses and their riders in the upper most part of their minds. These new rules will not affect these responsible people. These rules will only help American Quarter Horse racing at Hialeah Park to be the quality entertainment and family event that it is meant to be while at the same time taking care of the world’s fastest athlete and the jockeys that ride them. We look forward to seeing you at the world’s most beautiful race track in December."