Industry Leaders Target Steroids

Lazy E, Four Sixes against steroid use.

June 5, 2012


Representatives of Lazy E Ranch LLC and Four Sixes Ranch announced today their participation in a new coalition whose purpose is to assure potential yearling buyers that no anabolic steroids or drugs expressing anabolic steroid-like effects have been used in their yearling sale preparation process.

Dr. Glenn Blodgett of Four Sixes Ranch and Butch Wise of Lazy E Ranch said the express purpose of this initiative was so purchasers of yearlings from their respective consignments would have confidence that a yearling’s physical appearance and attributes were achieved by natural means.

“Owners and trainers deserve to know what they are buying and also know that what they are purchasing will look the same post-purchase,” Dr. Blodgett said. “Additionally, we are concerned about potential long-term physiological effects related to soundness and fertility. Our commitment to buyers is that horsemanship ... not drugs ... is responsible for what they see attractive in their yearling purchases.”

“Enhancing physical appearance by the use of artificial means is extremely unfair to yearling purchasers,” Wise added.  “Glenn and I believe in the principle ‘What you are seeing is what you are buying.’ The use of Equipoise, Winstrol and Clenbuterol is not and has never been consistent with our ideas of how yearlings should be prepared and presented at the sales.  Horseman-ship is required -- not drugs.”

Lazy E Ranch and Four Sixes Ranch will have stickers on the stall cards of the sale yearlings for which they have been completely responsible for their sale preparation.

Dr. Blodgett and Wise said they encourage others to embrace the “NO STERIODS OR ANABOLIC AGENTS” policy and join Lazy E and Four Sixes Ranch in taking the Quarter Horse yearling sale industry to the next level of trust and transparency.