Montana to Run Seven Days in 2013

Miles City, Great Falls to conduct racing this year.

Edited Press Release
March 4, 2013


The Montana Board of Horse Racing has voted to finalize race dates for 2013, with seven days scheduled for the year. In 2012, only three days of racing took place in the state.

Last year, Miles City Bucking Horse Sale race meet conducted the three day – 2 weekend race meet in May of 2012 without any financial support from the board. For 2013, Miles City will once again offer horse racing in conjunction with the world famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. Their race dates are May 12, 18 and 19.

After two years without horse racing, the Great Falls Turf Club received four days in July. Their application was trimmed from six days to four to better concentrate their efforts in cooperation with the State Fair in Great Falls. The Great Falls race dates are July 20, 26, 27 and 28. The Great Falls Turf Club asked permission of the Montana Board of Horse Racing to possibly make a slight change to when the days are operated to take better advantage of horse  populations and sponsorships.

Yellowstone Horse Racing Alliance in Billings applied for eight days for the 2013 season. They were hoping for more
funding from the Board of Horse Racing. The Billings organization felt that if they reduced the number of days they
offered in August and September, they would experience a hard time getting horses to come to the shortened race meet,
along with a decline in revenues from turf tables, box seats, sponsorships, advertising and much more. Eight days seemed to be the magic number for Billings. Yellowstone Horse Racing Alliance chose to turn their dates back to the board.

Western Montana Turf Club applied for three days during their fair in Missoula. Due to a conflict of events, they were forced to pull their application with their sights set on 2014.

Kalispell All Breeds Turf Club applied for five days of racing in 2013. With a short time to try an organize funding and work with the county for the use of the race track, it was decided to turn their days back to the Montana Board of Horse Racing.

Chairman Dale Mahlum expressed the board’s appreciation to all the tracks that applied for race dates.

“This is the first step in bringing the industry back," he said. "We were hoping for 15 plus days of racing, but we have 7. That is more than double last year and we are on budget. We need to continue to improve our sources of revenue and raise our financial support for the tracks. We need to start the date process in November and complete it by late December to give the tracks plenty of time to promote their days.”

With seven race days scheduled for 2013, the board can now calculate an approximate figure they will give each track in financial support of their summer race meets.