Racing Free Adds Incentives

Horsemanship organization grows, increases incentives.
December 12, 2013

Racing Free

After a full year of hundreds of race horse owners enjoying the benefits of “racing free”, the Racing Free team has announced a transition into new program parameters beginning January 2014. In 2013, Racing Free boasted a membership of over 500 horses with an estimated 1,500 starts and the team is proudly ending the year with no therapeutic overages or performance-enhancing drug occurrences.

Racing Free wrote over 150 reward checks throughout the year and continued to give rewards to the leading owner, trainer and jockey with the most Racing Free member-wins per meet. In addition, 20 industry organizations stepped up to publicly support the Racing Free cause and joined as Corporate Sponsors.

Along with the increased involvement, several of the nation’s leading Quarter Horses were enrolled including  Remington Park Futurity (R) winner Coronado Cartel, Heritage Place Derby (G2) winner Brace For Bernal, Rainbow Futurity (G1) winner Ms First Prize Rose, All American Derby (G1) winner Feature Hero and All American Futurity (G1) winner Handsome Jack Flash. Racing Free was also proudly represented closing weekend at Ruidoso Downs with 17 of the 20 in the All American Futurity and Derby fields.

“We need to continually evolve to ensure that Racing Free will not only be able to reward owners in a big way, but also put funds towards areas of the racing industry that need growth and advancement in order to truly level the playing field.” stated Racing Free Co-Founder Leslie McKinney.

Beginning January 2014, involvement opportunities for Racing Free will be as follows:

•For $300 per-horse per-meet OR $1,200 per-horse per-year, horses can be enrolled into the Racing Free Incentive Program. Each time a member-horse wins a race and standard drug test comes back clear, Racing Free will reward the owner of the member-horse $1,000.

•For $300 per-horse, breeders may purchase a voucher for the Racing Free Breeders Incentive Program. After sale, the new owner of the member-horse will receive a Racing Free Breeder Incentive Program voucher and has the option to redeem this voucher at any one meet when the horse starts racing. Once the voucher is redeemed, any time the member-horse wins a race and receives a clear drug test within that meet, the owner and breeder will receive $500 each. (All owners and breeders of horses paid in 2013 will still receive the $750 reward in 2014.)

•Racing Free Non-Profit status was filed in October 2013. Donations and corporate sponsorships will be tax-deductible following implementation of 501(c)(3) status. The Racing Free team plans to be extremely proactive in 2014 on growing their alliances and making more steps towards a positive future for racing. There are several projects underway including increased security at race tracks, an anonymous information call line, and goals of advanced testing and more transparent drug policies.

“Our goal when we started Racing Free was to think outside of the box to make a statement in the racing industry that our participants desire a level playing field. It really says something that we were able to reward so many owners for joining this movement. Now, moving forward, we are focusing our efforts on industry advancement while still rewarding our members for participating.” said Racing Free Co-Founder, Micah McKinney.

With all of this said, it's certain that we will be seeing much more from Racing Free in the years to come. Together, with a common goal, the racing industry can continue making the changes necessary to level the field and secure a strong future for the generations of racing enthusiasts to come. For more information on Racing Free and how you can get involved, visit or call 325-248-5220.