Racing Free Launches New Website

Horsemen group encourages particpation.

Press Release
May 6, 2013

Racing Free

The Racing Free team is pleased to announce the launch of the newly updated The update was initiated once an influx of memberships for the spring Quarter Horse racing meet at Remington Park started. Racing Free has grown substantially since the organization's launch in May of 2012, and the team plans sticking around for the long-haul.

"We wanted a site that industry enthusiasts could visit frequently and always gain new information on what's happening with Racing Free and in the sport as a whole," mentioned Racing Free co-founder Leslie McKinney.

The new Racing Free website will feature added exposure for Corporate Sponsors, additional spotlighting and announcements of upcoming events. Racing Free aims to be a "forward-thinking" organization that utilizes all media outlets to inform owners and racing fans on the happenings of the sport.

"Our team strives to always look towards the future of racing. Whether it be social media outlets, stimulating youth involvement in racing, or utilizing new media markets for racing; Racing Free plans to be on the forefront of revolutionizing racing while still making strides towards eliminating performance-enhancing drugs," said Director of Marketing Danielle Bryan.

Please visit the new for information on the Incentive Program, Breeders Incentive Program and Corporate Sponsorships. Support is rising, but the Racing Free team encourages all horsemen to join them in this cause. The Ruidoso & Heritage Place Sale Consignments have agreed to feature each Breeding Incentive Program nominated horse on their catalog page. The time to join together as an industry is now, and Racing Free plans to lead the way into a bright future for racing.