Racing Free Supports Clean Racing

Racing Free program rewards members who race clean.

Press Release
October 1, 2012

Racing Free

The use of performance‐enhancing drugs in the horse racing industry is a growing issue that has caused devastating harm to horses, jockeys and the racing industry at large. Racing Free, an organization founded by a team of industry advocates, is stepping up to address the use of these dangerous and often illegal drugs in horse racing in the United States. Racing Free was created to shed positive light on an industry that is in dire need for a solution. The program is designed to reward owners, trainers, jockeys, leaders and fans who choose to stand against the use of performance enhancing drugs in equine athletes. The Racing Free Team emphasizes that “it’s no longer about the past, it’s about looking ahead and rewarding those who want to change and give racing a future.”

The first leg in the organization’s plan of action is the Racing Free Incentive Program. Participants pay a voluntary per‐meet fee of $300 per horse to register in the program. At the end of the meet, all Racing Free members who’ve won a race and pass a drug test receive a $1,500 payout through the Racing Free Incentive Program. The organization has had a positive response and is gaining support daily. In the incident that a Racing Free member‐horse receives a positive drug test that is outside the parameters deemed acceptable by that state’s commission; guidelines within the program have been set. The reward money will be withheld from the owners of the member‐horse, the $300 membership fee will be forfeited, and the horse will be suspended from the program for 1 year from the date of the bad test. This is in any case, any circumstance, and with immediate action.

The Racing Free Team asks that all industry participants join together to support the need for change. There are several ways to get involved with this organization, and all opportunities can be found at The organization plans to use monies collected from corporate sponsorships to assist governing bodies with better testing and tighter testing procedures. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Racing Free.