Survey for Oklahoma Horsemen

Oklahoma horsemen urged to complete survey.

Press Release
February 6, 2013

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The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association (OQHRA)  and the Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma (TRAO) are asking for help from all horsemen in Oklahoma.

OQHRA and TRAO are part of the Oklahoma Equine Alliance, a coalition that brings together all breeds of horsemen racing in Oklahoma as well as breeders, commercial service providers like public stables, training centers, racetracks, and other equine industry service providers as well as the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. The Alliance has retained the services of a professional firm to conduct an Economic Impact Study of the entire horse industry in Oklahoma.  This survey will be done in several segments including RACING, RECREATION, AND COMMERCIAL industry participants.  Recreation will also encompass the show and performance horse owners and trainers, cutters, reiners,  as well as the trail riding, rodeo, and other non-racing groups of horsemen and those survey links will be available in the near future.

The information gathered from this survey will help show how many dollars are generated and spent in Oklahoma by the horse industry, and especially by racing.  It will show how many jobs are created, and how important it is to keep the racing healthy in Oklahoma.

If you are involved in ANY WAY in the horse industry in Oklahoma, whether you own a farm or ranch, just have a horse, or have business that uses or is involved in the horse industry in Oklahoma WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The equine industry in Oklahoma is united in demonstrating the importance of this industry to Oklahoma’s economy. An advocacy coalition called the Oklahoma Equine Alliance has been formed that brings together horsemen and breeders, as well as racetracks and agricultural industry representatives (references available upon request) to support this effort. Please use the appropriate link below to take a brief survey to support the goal of demonstrating the economic impact of this industry. There are three survey links:

Racing includes all owners/breeders/trainers breeding or racing horses in Oklahoma.

Recreation includes all other horse owners, breeders, trainers, ranch horses, trail riders, rodeo,  show horses, reiners, cutters, backyard horses, any one that has or uses horses in Oklahoma.

Commercial includes any business entities like riding stables, horse boarding facilities, commercial breeding operations including facilities that perform embryo transfers, etc. or that uses or provides services for horse owners/breeders/trainers.

Please forward this email to any one that is involved in Racing, Recreational (show and performance, trail riding, etc.), or Equine-related business owners in Oklahoma.

Anyone that completes the study and provides an email address will be sent a free copy of the reports in PDF format.

For Race Horse Owners/Breeders/Trainers:

For Recreational Horse Owners

 For Equine-Related Commercial Business Owners:

The survey will not take more than 15 minutes, and responses can be completely anonymous if you prefer. OQHRA and TRAO will also be mailing this survey out to current Racing Member households so if you are not internet savvy, you may complete the survey received in the mail and return it to our offices in the enclosed return envelope.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact  Jim Oberkirsch, Vice President Consulting Services, The Innovation Group Office - (303) 962-8061 or  contact  OQHRA 405-216-0440 or TRAO 405-427-8753.