Texas Horsemen Asked to Help

Texas HORSE requests help from horsemen.

Press Release
May 10, 2013

Texas Legislation

Texas HORSE has asked Texas horsemen to call their legislators in reference to legislation dealing with horse racing.

The following is a statement from Texas HORSE:

"Your immediate action is needed! Senator Kel Seliger's SB 1340 relating to the temporary operation of a race track extension location has passed out of the Senate and is now being carried by Representative Tracy King in the House. The bill has been referred to the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee and may be scheduled for a hearing next Tuesday, May 14.
"Given the short time period, this bill is likely our only hope to pass beneficial legislation in this session.
"This bill extends the time authorized in the Texas Racing Act for a licensed-but-yet-unbuilt racetrack to offer pre-opening simulcasting from 2 years to 6 years, generating several million dollars in incremental purse money and breeders awards each year. SB 1340 is a pro-business, economic development bill that also helps agriculture and the Texas horse industry by allowing us to move toward competitiveness with our neighboring states.
"Please contact each member of the Committee as soon as possible, to ask for his/her support of this bill. Be sure to thank the member for his/her time and emphasize that this measure will generate funds vital to the horse racing and breeding industry.
"The House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee Members:
"Chair Wayne Smith (R)
512.463.0733 (office) 512.463.1323 (fax)
"Vice Chair John Kuempel (R)  
512.463.0602 (office) 512.463.5896 (fax)
"Charlie Geren (R)                                
512.463.0610 (office) 512.463.8310 (fax)
"Lance Gooden (R)                                
512.463.0458 (office) 512.463.2040 (fax)
"Ryan Guillen (D)                                
512.463.0416 (office) 512.463.1012 (fax)
"Roland Gutierrez (D)
512.463.0452 (office) 512.463.1447 (fax)
"Borris Miles (D)
512.463.0518 (office) 512.463.0941 (fax)
"Walter "Four" Price (R)
512.463.0470 (office) 512.463.8003 (fax)
"Senfronia Thompson (D)
512.463.0720 (office) 512.463.6306 (fax)

Texas HORSE has provided talking points for anyone calling their legislators.