Texas Regulates Clenbuterol

Texas enacts a 14-day withdrawl period on clenbuterol.

Q-Racing Journal
March 7, 2013

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Effective March 28, clenbuterol will be regulated by a urine threshold of 140 picograms per milliliter at Texas racetracks.

"This is believed to be consistent with a 14 day withdrawal of a recommended dose administration of the FDA-approved product Ventipulmin as labeled," said Texas Racing Commission chief veterinarian Ken Quirk D.V.M.

Compounded products vary significantly from the approved product and may require significantly longer withdrawal times, says Quirk.

Clenbuterol, which is sold as the FDA/Health Canada-approved Ventipulmin Syrup, is an effective medication used to treat respiratory problems when used as directed. However, with improper administration or use of illegal compounded drugs, it can have anabolic effects.

Visit AQHA's Racing Welfare and Medication page for more information.