Bank of America Racing Challenge
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    $200 nomination payment

    Adequan Derby Challenge

    Hipodromo, MX           $20,000 added       Trials-June 14      Final-June 28

    Ajax Downs, ON         $20,000 added        Trials-June 28     Final-July 12

    $600 sustaining payment or $2,500 late

    Adequan Derby Challenge

    Arapahoe Park, CO        $27,500 added       Trials-May 22      Final-June 06

    $100 nomination payment

    John Deere Juvenile Challenge

    Ajax Downs, ON         $20,000 added        Trials-June 21     Final-July 12


    $200 nomination payment

    Rupert Downs, ID                  $4,000 added        Trials-July 04         Final-July 12

    Ajax Downs, ON                     $17,500 added       Trials-June 28       Final-July 12

    State Fair Race Meet, MT       $8,000 added                Trials-N/A             Final-July 18

    Gillespie County Fair, TX         $10,000 added       Trials-July 05       Final-July 19

    CALL 877-222-7223

    In addition to the existing late payment that is due at time of sustaining payment, a new option to pay a $5,000 late payment at the time of entry for trials has been added.(regardless of whether trials are actually conducted)

    Payments that are due on Saturday or Sunday will be accepted the following business day.

    Red Cell Distance Challenge is now called the Zoetis Distance Challenge