Article I: Name and Purpose


ARTICLE I: Name and Purpose

Section 1. This organization shall be a division of the American Quarter Horse Association, shall operate within the scope of the bylaws, rules and regulations of AQHA, and shall be named the American Quarter Horse Youth Association.

Section 2. The objectives and purposes of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association, hereafter referred to as AQHYA, shall be as follows:

(a) To improve and promote the American Quarter Horse breed.

(b) To improve and develop the capabilities of youth, both individually and through group participation, in the breeding, raising and exhibition of American Quarter Horses.

(c) To develop and improve scholarship, leadership and community interest and participation of young equestrians.

(d) To encourage high moral character, sportsmanship and clean living among all its members.

(e) To establish a means whereby youth members may work in conjunction with AQHA Youth Activities Committee.

(f) To create, foster and assist subsidiary youth affiliates composed of members of AQHYA.

(g) To acquaint youth members and affiliates with the parent organization, AQHA, its structure and functions.

(h) To use scholarship, leadership, sportsmanship and character to provide a future for our horse.