Article II: Membership


ARTICLE II: Membership

Section 1. Classes of Membership: This organization shall have the following classes of members:

(a) Organizational Members, consisting of youth affiliates. The designation youth affiliate shall be defined as one youth association per state/province or international affiliate, acceptable to and approved by AQHYA and its Advisory Board.

(b) Individual Members, consisting of boys and girls 18 years of age or under. The age of the youth as of January 1 will be the age maintained the entire year (regardless of the time of day the youth is born).

(c) Voting rights in the organization shall be vested exclusively in organizational members, each of which shall be entitled to designate four delegates for each youth affiliate.

(d) Annual individual membership fees will be $15 or $35 for a three-year membership with a lifetime youth membership fee of $50 (membership through the 18 year age eligibility), which membership shall allow a youth all privileges of a regular member, and in addition, all privileges of a member of AQHA, the parent organization, except the right to vote at AQHA membership meetings and hold office in the parent organization. The monies of the organization shall be deposited in such manner, in such banks, or trust companies, and may be withdrawn in such manner as the Board of Delegates and Advisory Board may direct or designate.

Section 2. Approval of Youth Affiliates: A youth affiliate is eligible to be recognized and considered in good standing with AQHYA and the Advisory Board of the organization, when the following general conditions are met:

(a) The youth affiliate must be approved by or affiliated with the recognized state/provincial or international AQHA Affiliate.

(b) Each youth affiliate shall submit to AQHYA its constitution and bylaws, in addition to a complete list of Youth Affiliate officers, AQHYA Delegate(s), youth advisor(s) and AQHYA World Championship Show qualifying guidelines on or before May 1 of the membership year. Youth Affiliate officers and AQHYA Delegates must be members in good standing of AQHYA.

(c) Each organization shall encompass its respective state/province or country in scope, and affiliates with more than 1,500 registered American Quarter Horses would be required to have 50 resident youth members to affiliate. Affiliates with 500 to 1,500 registered American Quarter Horses would be required to have 35 resident youth members, and affiliates with less than 500 registered American Quarter Horses would be required to have 25 resident youth members to affiliate. An organization found to be representative of the state/province or country may be allowed to affiliate with less than the required number of members if they meet all other requirements such as: filing a copy of their constitution and bylaws, submitting a list of officers, delegates and advisors to AQHA by the deadline listed above, and submitting a list of members to AQHA by May 1 of the membership year, if they make a formal request for consideration to AQHA by May 1.

(d) Annually, an affiliate membership list must be sent to AQHYA on or before May 1 of the membership year. In accordance with subparagraph (b), AQHYA is to be notified of any amendments made to the initial affiliate constitution. New affiliates must send a complete constitution and bylaws to the AQHA Youth Department by May 1 to be considered a recognized affiliate.

(e) No provision of the youth affiliate constitution is in conflict with the AQHYA or AQHA constitution, bylaws or general rules and regulations.

(f) Activities are in harmony with the ideals and purposes of AQHYA and AQHA

(g) Membership must be open to all youth 18 years of age and under interested in the equestrian lifestyle.

Section 3. Approval of International Youth Associations: An international association, which is recognized by AQHA, is automatically eligible for its youth members to be members of AQHYA; compete in AQHYA activities or AQHA-approved youth events; and for its youth organization to have delegates with voting privileges on the Board of Delegates of AQHYA. To compete in AQHYA activities or AQHA-approved youth events, or serve as a delegate of AQHYA, an international member must also be a member of AQHYA by payment of the requisite membership fee and compliance of all rules and regulations. Recognition of an international youth affiliate may be obtained by filing, with AQHA’s Youth Department, an annual written letter of certification by the president of the AQHA-recognized parent international affiliate, certifying:

(a) that the international affiliate has a youth organization with an appointed or elected adult youth advisor or leader responsible for the activities of the youth organization and conduct of its members, either as a division of the international affiliate or separate organization;

(b) the number of youth members in good standing and if any intend to compete in AQHYA-approved events, their names, addresses and ages (if not already available through AQHA records), together with any other information requested; and,

(c) the names of youth elected by the international youth affiliate to represent that organization as AQHYA delegates. Upon request, the president of the recognized parent international affiliate shall provide copies of the youth organization’s bylaws, rules and regulations pertaining to its activities, and if a separate organization, governmental certification of its existence and good standing in the international country.