Article VII: Termination of Membership and Removal of Officers


ARTICLE VII: Termination of Membership and Removal of Officers

Membership and election to office in AQHYA is a privilege, not a right. Officers may be terminated or refused for cause detrimental to the interest of AQHYA and AQHA. Such detrimental cause includes all of AQHA and AQHYA programs, divisions, policies and objectives that affect the harmonious relastionship of AQHYA and AQHA members. A member may be removed from the membership roll, an officer may be removed from office, a director may be removed from their position or an individual may be refused membership by the Advisory Board after prior written notice of the time and place of hearing, containing specification of charges, where the individual may attend, with counsel, to hear evidence against him, and present evidence on his behalf. The ruling or action of the Advisory Board may be appealed to the AQHA Executive Committee by written request filed with the Executive Vice President within 15 days of the ruling date, which appeal shall, however, not suspend the effect of the ruling.