RAC301. Race Recognition and Results



  • RAC301.1 AQHA accepts race results in Amarillo, Texas, as official and uses such results for purposes of recording information in AQHA records, conducting AQHA racing programs and determining qualification for advancement of a horse in AQHA’s breed registry.
  • RAC301.2 Race results are eligible for AQHA recognition if the race is run under the supervision of a Racing Authority and complies with the rules and regulations contained herein.
  • RAC301.3 Effective April 1, 1992, AQHA imposed a moratorium on applications for AQHA sanction/regulation of nonparimutual race meets. Such moratorium remains in effect and may only be waived by the AQHA Executive Committee.
  • RAC301.4 AQHA will not recognize a race that involves an American Quarter Horse competing with horses other than
    • RAC301.4.1 other American Quarter Horse(s);
    • RAC301.4.2 Thoroughbred(s) registered with The Jockey Club, The Canadian Jockey Club or The Mexican Jockey Club;
    • RAC301.4.3 horse(s) registered with the American Paint Horse Association; or
    • RAC301.4.4 horse(s) registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club.
  • RAC301.5 AQHA will not recognize a race in which a 2-year-old:
    • RAC301.5.1 starts prior to March 1 (with the exception of the trials and finals for the West Texas Futurity and the Mardi Gras Futurity);
    • RAC301.5.2 competes against older horses; or
    • RAC301.5.3 is allowed to compete at a distance greater than 440 yards prior to September 1.
  • RAC301.6 A questionable time is a time in which past performance records indicate possible error.
    • RAC301.6.1 In cases of questionable times, AQHA may withhold its recognition of the times as official until the race is reviewed by AQHA.
    • RAC301.6.2 If presiding race officials or the Racing Authority do not provide reasonable justification for the questionable time, AQHA reserves the right to adjust the time by using the video of the race to estimate the time by counting the number of video frames in the race from the moment the starting gate stall doors are fully open parallel to the racing track.
    • RAC301.6.3 AQHA decisions regarding questionable times may be appealed to the AQHA Racing Council for further consideration. Decisions of the Racing Council may be appealed to the AQHA Executive Committee per VIO505.