RAC302. Track Responsibilities



  • RAC302.1 Unless otherwise specified herein, AQHA recognizes the Model Rules for Flat Racing adopted by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (“ARCI”) and requests that races eligible for AQHA recognition be run in accordance with such rules.
  • RAC302.2 AQHA recommends that all stewards at American Quarter Horse tracks be certified as accredited stewards and have adequate experience and/or education concerning American Quarter Horse racing.
  • RAC302.3 Tracks must file race results charts and official programs with AQHA following each racing day. Tracks may file such charts and programs by fax, online computer transmission (directly to AQHA or via submission to Equibase) or express delivery. The race results chart should include all of the necessary information to produce past performance lines as well as information concerning monies earned (purse and bonus) paid through the horseman’s bookkeeper. The official program should include conditions of the races and distances, names of the horses in each race, post positions, color, sex, age, breeding, owner, trainer, jockey and weight carried.
  • RAC302.4 If requested by AQHA, tracks must provide AQHA with a videotape of all graded or restricted graded stakes races at the track’s expense.
  • RAC302.5 The track is responsible for setting starting gates so races are actually run at designated distances. There shall not be a downhill slope in excess of one degree (1°) over the length of the straightaway. At AQHA’s request, a track must file with AQHA a certified statement by a licensed surveyor that all American Quarter Horse distances at the track have been surveyed for grade and distance within the last five years.
  • RAC302.6 AQHA will only recognize those official races that are run on oval tracks that meet the standards and requirements of AQHA and the model rules of racing.
  • RAC302.7 All tracks conducting American Quarter Horse racing shall utilize an electronic photo-finish camera or computerized video tape photo-finish camera. The minimum accuracy of the camera shall be no less than 1/100th (.01) of a second. The maximum accuracy of the camera shall be no greater than 1/1000 (.001) of a second. The track must calibrate the photo-finish camera every year and, at AQHA’s request, file a copy of the calibration report with AQHA.
  • RAC302.8 The recommended minimum scale of weights of American Quarter Horse jockeys riding 2-year-olds is 120 pounds; 3-year-olds is 122 pounds; and 4-year-olds or older is 124 pounds.