Photographing Your Horse


Having the correct photos will expedite the registration process so you can get your papers sooner. When submitting photographs of your horse, please remember to:

  • Use a 35 mm camera or high-quality digital camera. Avoid instant cameras because the photos tend to overexpose or fade.
  • Take photos on a sunny day with the sun behind the photographer.
  • Always send four basic views - front, rear, left side and right side.
  • You should include a fifth photo - a 3/4 front view clearly showing the face and all four feet. If someone is helping you, make sure they are out of this photo.
  • Position the horse with his legs apart so all four feet can be seen in each of the photographs.
  • Do not saddle or blanket your horse and make sure the horse is clean of mud and debris.
  • The horse being photographed should be the only horse in the photo.
  • Take photos on level ground - steer clear of tall grass and other obstacles which can block the view of the horse.
  • Pull back the forelock so head markings can be seen.
  • Take separate, close-up photos of unusual markings and markings that fall out of the normal marking area.
  • Be aware of the background. A solid background is best for light colored horses, while a dark horse shows up best with a lighter background.

Contact our office for a complete brochure on how to photograph your horse.