REG104. Obtaining a Numbered Certificate


REG104. OBTAINING A NUMBERED CERTIFICATE. Except as otherwise limited on proper compliance with the rules and regulations of AQHA, a stallion, mare, gelding or spayed mare may be registered in the Numbered section of the Stud Book that:

  • REG104.1 has a numbered American Quarter Horse sire and a numbered American Quarter Horse dam. Such horse, when registered, shall receive a registration number. For horses foaled on or after January 1, 1992, any undesirable trait or condition commonly considered a ‘Genetic Defect’ as listed in REG109 shall be recorded on the registration certificate.
  • REG104.2 previously has been listed in the Appendix, and the following conditions are met: (1) the horse has qualified for Register of Merit in AQHA-approved events not restricted in any way (youth and/or amateur Register of Merit do not qualify a horse for advancement); (2) AQHA has received a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian certifying that the horse does not have a parrot mouth per REG109 and (3) if the horse is a stallion, AQHA has received a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian certifying it is not cryptorchid per REG109. Horses having parrot mouth, cryptorchidism, HYPP or excessive white markings are not eligible for advancement. When a horse is advanced, it is necessary to surrender the registration certificate before a numbered certificate can be issued.
  • REG104.3 was previously listed in the Appendix and attains a registration number, any offspring listed in the Appendix shall on that date become eligible for advancement to the Numbered registry. Advancement of such offspring to the Numbered registry shall be on request from the record owner and accompanied by the Appendix registration certificate, or
  • REG104.4 was foaled in an international country having a Quarter Horse Association recognized by the AQHA that operates its own stud book; was issued a registration certificate by such international association; and which traces to a minimum of 93.75 percent (15/16) lineage to horses issued Numbered registration certificates by AQHA. To receive such Numbered certificate from AQHA, the horse’s owner must make application through the recognized international association in the country he resides to supply AQHA all required proof of breeding and identification. Registration fee shall be $25, or $65 if owner does not have a current membership.