REG107. Extraordinary Registration



  • REG107.1 The Executive Committee shall have authority to declare eligible for registration as breeding stock only, a horse whose registration certificate has been previously cancelled, but, in the majority opinion of the Executive Committee, is outstanding by performance or produce, and thus worthy of registration as breeding stock, though lacking some technical requirement of AQHA rules to allow it to remain registered.
    • REG107.1.1 “Outstanding by performance or produce” shall mean that the horse, before its certificate was cancelled, attained the designation of “AQHA Superior Event Horse,” or that one or more of its offspring attained such designation.
    • REG107.1.2 The Executive Committee shall accept as breeding stock only those horses that have a sire or dam which have a numbered certificate and (1) the other parent so registered; or (2) listed in the AQHA Appendix registry; or (3) registered with The Jockey Club of North America or any Thoroughbred registry recognized by The Jockey Club of North America; or (4) is proven to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee by genetic testing to be eligible by pedigree for a registration status named above.
    • REG107.1.3 A horse is not eligible for consideration under this rule if it has any condition listed in REG109 as a genetic defect.
  • REG107.2 An owner may make application for consideration under this rule by payment of the requisite fee and submission of such photographs, reports of pedigree substantiation and other supporting materials as the Executive Committee may, from time to time, require.