REG112. Embryo/Oocyte Transfer



  • REG112.1 A horse foaled by a mare that is not its genetic dam but transferred to her by embryo/oocyte transfer technique shall be eligible for registration. In addition to other AQHA registration rules, the offspring shall not be eligible for registration unless:
    • REG112.1.1 prior to the intended collection of the fertilized egg, record owner or lessee has notified AQHA in writing of its intention to attempt an embryo/oocyte transfer and has paid the proper fee. For mare enrollments received after collection of the embryo/oocyte, but prior to foaling, a late fee of $25 will be assessed, in addition to regular fees required. For mare enrollments received after foaling, a late fee of $50 will be assessed, in addition to regular fees required. The mare can be enrolled for her lifetime or the enrollment must be made each year that a transfer is to be performed, and once made, the fee is not refundable, nor can any substitution be made.
    • REG112.1.2 its pedigree has been verified through genetic testing of foal, sire and donor mare; and by such other testing as AQHA reasonably deems necessary to verify the validity of the genetic testing, all expense of which shall be the registration applicant’s.
  • REG112.2 The enrollment notice must be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to preserve for the record owner or lessee of the donor mare, the only acceptable proof to AQHA of timely compliance, if such proof is requested.
  • REG112.3 In accordance with AQHA-approved procedures, an embryo/oocyte transfer may be transported from the premises where the donor mare was located at the time of its removal from her for use in a recipient mare at another location. To be eligible for such transportation, notice of intention to transport the embryo/oocyte transfer shall be given AQHA in conjunction with the advanced notice of intended collection specified above.
  • REG112.4 If a mare is designated with AQHA for embryo/oocyte transfer for a specific year, but the procedure is not attempted in the designated year, AQHA must be notified in writing by December 31 of the designated year that the owner has elected not to attempt embryo/oocyte transfer. Without such notice, a foal produced the following year by designated mare is not eligible for registration without genetic testing for parentage verification. If a mare is enrolled for her lifetime, all of her offspring must be parentage verified before they can be registered regardless of the breeding method used.
  • REG112.5 In the event a mare owner wishes to (1) transfer a mare, but retain rights to use frozen embryos or oocytes, or (2) keep the mare and transfer frozen embryo or oocyte permit(s), he may purchase frozen embryo permits from AQHA. The application for purchase of a permit must be on a form provided by AQHA. Once a mare is sold, a former owner cannot purchase additional permits from AQHA.
    • REG112.5.1 The application for a frozen embryo permit must be signed by both the mare owner and the stallion owner at time of breeding. This permit, when used to register a foal, will serve as both the stallion breeding report and the breeder’s certificate.
    • REG112.5.2 Each of the frozen embryo permits purchased may be used for the registration of only one foal. AQHA will record the number of outstanding certificates for each individual mare and that number will be a matter of public record. It is the ultimate responsibility of a prospective buyer to confirm with the seller, the number of outstanding permit applications as of the date of sale.
    • REG112.5.3 The ownership of the permit may be transferred. Each transfer of ownership of the embryo permit shall be recorded by AQHA. The rules for transfer of ownership as listed in rule REG124 for transfer of ownership of a horse shall apply, except the request for transfer of the permit shall be accompanied by the embryo permit instead of the certificate of registration.
  • REG112.6 When a foal is produced by an embryo/oocyte transfer, such fact will be listed on its registration certificate.
  • REG112.7 AQHA may inspect the premises and practices of any party using or intending to use embryo/oocyte transfer procedures.
  • REG112.8 The burden of verifying true parentage is the registration applicant’s, and any question of parentage shall be resolved against the registration of a horse carried by a recipient mare through embryo/oocyte transfer.