REG113. Breeder and Breeder's Certificate



  • REG113.1 The breeder of a horse is the owner of the dam at the time of service, except when a mare is held under lease at time of breeding and written notification of such lease signed by the lessee and lessor is on file with AQHA, in which event the registration certificate shall show the lessee as the breeder. When a frozen embryo permit is used to register a foal, the original purchaser of the frozen embryo permit shall be listed as the breeder.
  • REG113.2 Registration applications must be accompanied by a completed breeder’s certificate signed by the record owner of the sire and the record owner of the dam at the time of service. If a stallion and/or mare is bred while under lease agreement filed with AQHA, the signature of such lessee on the breeder’s certificate is required.
    A breeder’s certificate is not required if:
    • REG113.2.1 a properly signed frozen embryo permit is used to register a foal, as the breeder’s certificate requirements were met when application to purchase the frozen embryo permit was made;
    • REG113.2.2 the same entity is the record owner of sire, dam and foal;
    • REG113.2.3 a retained semen rights permit is used to register a foal, AQHA requires only the signature of the permit owner on the permit to verify the service of the sire. Record owner of the dam at time of breeding must sign the appropriate breeder’s certificate on the registration application.
  • REG113.3 Alteration of information on a breeder’s certificate will necessitate verification.
  • REG113.4 For a horse covered by a lease filed with AQHA, only the lessee or lessee’s authorized agent may sign a breeder’s certificate for breedings that occurred during the effective period of the lease.