REG115. Markings


REG115. MARKINGS. Descriptions of markings:

  • REG115.1 SNIP: any white marking between the nostrils.


  • REG115.2 STAR: any marking on the forehead.


  • REG115.3 STRIP: a narrow marking extending vertically in the area between the forehead and the nostrils.


  • REG115.4 BLAZE: a vertical marking of medium, uniform width extending the length of the face.


  • REG115.5 STAR AND STRIP: a marking on the forehead with a strip to the nasal peak. The strip does not have to be an extension of the star.

Star and Strip 

  • REG115.6 STAR, STRIP and SNIP: a marking on the forehead with a narrow extension of the nasal peak and opening up again between the nostrils. These may be connected.

Star, Strip and Snip 

  • REG115.7 BALD FACE: a very broad blaze. It can extend out and around the eyes and it can extend down to the upper lip and around the nostrils.

Bald Face 

  • REG115.8 CORONET: any narrow marking around the coronet above the hoof.


  • REG115.9 HALF PASTERN: a marking which includes only half the pastern above the coronet.

Half Pastern 

  • REG115.10 PASTERN: a marking which includes the entire pastern.


  • REG115.11 SOCK: a marking which extends around the leg, from the coronet halfway up the cannon bone, or halfway to the knee on the foreleg or halfway to the hock on the back leg.


  • REG115.12 STOCKING: a full marking to the area of the knee on the foreleg and to the area of the hock on the hind leg. It is an extended sock.


  • REG115.13 ROAN PATCHES; PATCHES OF SCATTERED WHITE HAIR: areas with white hair scattered through the basic body color and which do not have underlying light-colored skin.
  • REG115.14 PATCHES OF DARKER-COLORED HAIR: concentrated areas in which the hair has a darker pigmentation than the surrounding hair of its basic body color.
  • REG115.15 DARK SPOTS: patches of dark hair (or basic body color) within white markings.
  • REG115.16 WHORL: hair growth that forms a spiral pattern.

White Markings All Horses

This diagram is an approximate illustration of white markings that are not considered undesirable or uncharacteristic of the breed as specified in REG109. The actual provisions of the rule take precedence in its effect on a particular registration matter, as conformation of a particular horse does not, in each case, coincide with the dimensions of this diagram. Horses with markings beyond these guidelines must be parentage verified prior to registration.